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Anyone Want Free Music?

I just thought I'd share some free songs from Purple Fog Side – The Ticket Purple Fog Side  –  Пустота Purple Fog Side miserylab  –  be there tomorrow-2010 miserylab  –  Appeal To Fears miserylab Roman Rain  –  Dementia's Hailing Roman Rain  –  Koroleva Roman Rain Midnattsol  –  En Natt I Nord Midnattsol Plastique Noir  –  Empty Streets Plastique Noir  –  Creep Show Plastique Noir

Renaissance Festival Haul

Yesterday, I spent hours going through the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Although it was extremely hot (and I got a minor sunburn on my face), it was definitely worth it. If you are planning on going to one of these festivals, be prepared to spend money. The food and drinks are outrageously priced, and the vendors sell mostly handmade goods (which are also pricey understandably). I've never done a haul before, mostly because I'm too indecisive or cheap to buy too many things at once, so here's my first one from all that I got yesterday. This tea is from Earth Elements. It was a little stand that sold not only hand blended tea, but also all sorts of other dried herbs and such. If you have any questions, you can email Earth Elements at . I got this little jingly cat necklace at a larger stand at the festival. I saw it, and immediately knew I needed it. I'm a cat lover, and I'm always telling my boyfriend how it would be silly if I


There is much mystery surrounding the art of dowsing. For those of you who are curious, I'm going to share what dowsing is, the uses of it, my experiences with dowsing, and possible explanations surrounding it. source Dowsing, or divining, is considered to be a form of divination  in which the operator holds two L-shaped rods or a Y-shaped rod in order to locate things such as water, metals, gravesites, buried treasure, and even lost items. This method of divination has been considered useful for thousands of years. Dowsing was even condemned at one point for being "satanic," and it was strictly forbidden, especially with puritan settlers in the new world. Today, it is used by hobbyists, including myself, and even in murder investigations. If you would like to learn more about how to dowse, look here . I bought my first pair of dowsing rods two years ago when I went on vacation to Salem, Massachusetts. I got them from a very lovely shop that I highly recommend cal

I Got The Dark Sunshine Award!

I checked the computer this afternoon, and in addition to getting a new follower today, I also got nominated by Cherish at Babybat's Blog  for the Dark Sunshine Award. Thanks, Cherish! Rules for the [Dark] Sunshine Award. Post the award picture with a backlink to the person that nominated you Answer the questions posed to you Nominate ten or more bloggers Questions: Favourite colour: Black, Purple, Red, Green, and Blue. I like so many colors and shades, It's hard to choose a favorite. The colors I don't like are yellow and pink (with an exception to a couple shades of pink) Favourite animal: Owls, cats, and wolves. Favourite number: 13 Favourite non alcoholic drink: Pumpkin Juice and Thai Tea Facebook or twitter: Neither. My passion: Writing, music, reading, painting, drawing, sewing/ DIY, going on adventures, traveling, animals, and my boyfriend.  Getting or giving presents: Both  Favourite pattern: Liturgical Brocade, and stripes  Favourite day of

Friday The Thirteenth Update

Happy Friday The Thirteenth, everybody. It's my two and a half year anniversary with my boyfriend, Joe, today. Unfortunately, he has work most of the day today, so we went out for lunch yesterday before he had class. We went to an Irish pub. I wore a Punk Hogwarts student outfit yesterday. I don't have pictures, but I wore my Ravenclaw tie over a black dress shirt, my black jean skirt with my "diy or die" patch I just painted, blue and black striped tights, and my trusty Doc Martens.  I love this thing. I'm a Ravenclaw, but my Hogwarts letter was lost in the mail. source Yay for home-made patches. That's the best way to go, in my opinion. I also went out for coffee with my friend, Justean, like we do every Thursday. I went to go use the restroom, and I found this on the door of the toilet stall: It's really neat looking. Below the symbol, there appears to be some writing in runes. Can anybody tell me what this means? I'd really like t

Portland Black Lipstick Company

I've been looking ages to find a good black lipstick. I've tried a few, and they're all pretty bad. I've even tried eyeliner, but I'm not too keen on it. I recently stumbled upon Portland Black Lipstick Company . When I was watching the test makeover scene for the upcoming movie, My Summer as A Goth , I saw the actors putting on some black lipstick.  I remember thinking to myself that the tube looked like chapstick.  After I looked it up, I found quite the contrary. This company, obviously from Portland, specializes in natural makeup products. Their motto is actually, "All natural makeup for that un-natural look." I love it! Here's what they say about their products: "Our ingredients are all-natural. Of course, the word ‘natural’ has no legal or scientific definition in the world of cosmetics, so every natural cosmetic company sets its own parameters. For us, ‘natural’ means using plant-based oils and waxes, lanolin, and beeswax, mineral

DIY Skirt from Pants

I had this pair of really old black jeans. They were still nice, but they were faded. I put them in the giveaway pile until I had an idea. I wanted a simple formfitting mini skirt, so I decided to make one myself. I could've just gone to Goodwill or something, but I'm picky. I knew I probably wouldn't find anything the right length: not too short and not too long. It was surprisingly simple too. Here's how it goes: Step 1 : Cut off the bottom of the pants to your desired length (make one inch room for the hem.) Then, flip them inside out. Step 2:  Take a seam ripper, and rip out the inseam and crotch of the pants (sorry, no pic for this one) Step 3: On the front, cut a straight line up just below the zipper. This will allow you to fold one side over the other and pin it. Pin the back in the same manner. Step 4: Take your sewing machine, and sew up where you pinned. Also, sew the bottom hem (unless you want it to fray) Done! It's obviously a pla