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Look What My Brother Found

A Rhinoceros Beetle! It's related to the Scarab Beetle. I've never seen one of these creatures in person. I never thought they were native to North Georgia...someone must have introduced it here. Anyway, I really like beetles like these. It's such a shame that this one seemed to be dying though. My brother put the beetle in a Cool Whip container, so you can see that it is pretty large. He also tried to give it some water, which it seemed to drink. Hopefully it lives.

Miami Zombie Attack?

source My dad, who's a zombie addict, told me last night about an attack in Miami. He said a Naked man was eating another man's face. When the police tried to intervene, the man growled while continuing to maul the other man. The cannibal was shot six times before he finally died. The victim, who is now without a face, was rushed to the hospital. The man was either insane, incredibly high, or a zombie. Perhaps I should start formulating a zombie apocalypse plan just in case. An article about this can be found here .

Today Was Asian Day

I went out with my brother, his girlfriend, and my mother out to the other side of Atlanta to go shopping at a couple of Asian markets and to eat some Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup). I had a great time, and now I'm absolutely exhausted. It's so quiet in my house, because everyone's gone off to take naps. First off, we went to Hong Kong Market. It was very large and very crowded. It seemed really authentic. We got some lychees, dragonfruits, rambutans, and really good candies. My mother's hand. This fruit is huge, and I forget the name. Lychees :) Rambutans Durians...aka the stinky fruit. Not sure what this was, but I liked how it looked. Dragonfruit Yummy looking rice cakes Duck heads. I'm not sure what people use these for. After that, we headed off to Pho Bac, a pho restaurant. The serving sizes were huge, and the prices were cheap too. I got my pho with brisket and skirt steak. It was good, but I liked my brother's beef

My Graduation Party

So I graduated High School yesterday, and I slept in really late today for the first time in a long time. Surprisingly enough, we actually arrived before our guests since graduation ended earlier than expected. We had so much food. Potato salad, pasta salad, 400 chicken nuggets, cookie cake, etc., and there is still so much of it left. I wasn't sure if I would have that good a time, but I actually did have some fun. I even got to take my aunt's convertible BMW for a spin. ^^ Here's some pictures: I was eating, and they took the picture anyway. sigh Two of my aunts, Debbie and Kathy. two of my cousins, Scotti and Olivia My grandmas candid of the party Me with my brother, John, and my grandma A shot of my family the desert table :) John's best friend, Darrell, feeding my dog, Jack

Graduating Tomorrow

Hello everyone. Sorry for the short absence. I'm graduating High School tomorrow. I'm happy to be finished, but I'm a bit nervous since my mother is throwing me a party filled with distant relatives that make me a bit uncomfortable. I'll be fine. I'm not sure when we'll be able to afford my graduation present (laptop for college), but hopefully before I actually start college. In other news, I was driving with my best friend today, and my car cut out at an intersection when the mileage for "Trip A" was at 66.6. That was interesting. It would certainly explain some things. Anyhow, I'm supposed to do some more house cleaning before tomorrow, so off I go. And by the way, check out the new poll I have off to the side about how I can improve my blog.

Mini Thrift Haul

At first glance, I thought this would be a full sweater, but I'm just as happy with this. I really like the intricate patterns, and it's also very soft.  I saw this wool coat, and I thought I needed it for Winter. I know it's a long time from now, but I can wait.  The embroidery is what really had me sold. Only $5 too, so it was a steal.  I wasn't too sure about this top at first. I'm careful about wearing crushed velvet, since it can look costume-y if not done right. It actually fits me nicely, and it has a corseted detailing up the front until just under the bust.  Here's a closer look. Happy thrifting!

Wardrobe Maintenance Tips

I think almost every blogger has done a post about wardrobe maintenance, but I'd just like to add my two cents worth. Washing Black Clothes Put off washing the garment as much as possible, so it doesn't fade as fast. Before putting the item in a washing machine, turn it inside out. This also slows fading. Always wash with like colors. This may sound really obvious, but a lot of people don't do this. For black items that are already faded, stop by a fabric store or a Walmart and buy fabric dye. I recommend Rit brand, and it's about $3 a bottle. Always pay attention to the washing instructions on the tag. I once made the mistake of dying a dry clean only skirt in my washing machine. By the time it was finished, the skirt was ripped to shreds.  Velvet Let velvet air dry, and make sure the threads are all facing the same direction. Never iron velvet unless you plan on making cool patterns like this: source You can, however, steam velvet if need be.

I'm Back from Florida!

I just got back from my Florida trip with my boyfriend, so I thought I'd post some photos and experiences from my vacation. It was a six hour drive from where I live (metro Atlanta) to get to Seagrove Beach, but well worth the trip. I definitely needed a vacation, so now I'll be back to blogging regularly. The whole area where we stayed, especially Watercolor, was just so surreal. There were pastel beach houses everywhere situated perfectly by the beach. The area was so clean. It was like a movie set. Watercolor was the area where The Truman Show with Jim Carrey was filmed, by the way. They chose a great spot. Because Cats and Dogs are people too. In Seagrove and Watercolor, most of the businesses are local. We ate like royalty while we were there at the local restaurants. This included The Market Cafe, Bruno's Pizza, Barefoot Barbecue, The Red Bar, The Donut Hole, and Heavenly's Gelatto shop. My meal from Barefoot BBQ The food was great, and everything was

Do You Believe in The Paranormal?

I decided to do my first poll on this blog. Do you believe in the paranormal? I'm curious to see my readers' answers, so please take the time to vote! The paranormal is a very vague term. It can range from anything to ghosts, vampires, or Sasquatch (Bigfoot). It you check either of the yeses, this does not mean you have to believe in ALL entities relating to the paranormal (you don't have to believe in Bigfoot). So here are your options: Yes, I think it's possible. Yes! I've experienced it! No I do not. I'm not sure... Go forth and cast thy vote! If you read this blog, you probably already know that I do indeed believe in the paranormal. I've had multiple experiences, some more blatant than others, that I do consider to be paranormal. Before I had one specific encounter, I was unsure, but I thought the idea of there being spirits and what not was romantic. Here is a post I did in the past about my experiences with the paranormal (Before I