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Ten Things of 2018

For the majority of the past ten years, I've wanted to say "good riddance" to that current year and hope for a better coming year. But even though this year did bring loss, change and sadness, it also brought me great joy. I've felt a deep sense of gratitude for this year. Here are ten big things that happened in 2018: I settled in to my job and house. Ryan and I started planning our wedding. Ryan's youngest brother was diagnosed with glioblastoma. He passed away in April.  I competed in a charity dance competition with a Waltz routine. We got married on July 21st in Thomas, WV (where I did my AmeriCorps service).  Reader, I married him. We had a "mini-moon" in Asheville, NC. I didn't have enough time off work for us to have a "real" honeymoon. We'll be planning a honeymoon for 2019.  Ryan's brother got married in September. Ryan's cousin got married in September as well. (2018 will be the Year of Weddings.) I