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My First Attempt at Iconography

I have a fascination and love for iconography, particularly iconography from Eastern Christianity. What draws me to Orthodox iconography, besides the unique style and mesmerizing imagery, is the complete dedication it takes to create one. There are many elements that an artist does to create an authentic, holy icon . For example, it has to be a true representation of anything "holy" by traditional Christian standards. The work and care that goes in to creating such an image is awe-inspiring. The artist must fast for forty days  and live in an ascetic manner, allowing the artist to be in a prayerful state. During the process and after the icon is finished, there are special prayers to be read, and the icon should be blessed. With all this in mind, I decided to try painting a Theotokos icon for my love's family. Even though I knew that any icon of mine would not be authentic, I tried my best to make due with the time and materials that I could afford such a painting. A

New Hair for the New Year

After some dedication to growing out my last haircut, I resolved that it was again time to just "cut it all off" when it started to grow into an unruly mullet. I decided to go with a simple and classic pixie. I really liked the one that Anne Hathaway had after filming Les Miserables ,   so I printed it and took it to the stylist. The results: