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Gabriel García Márquez Ha Muerto

Gabriel García Márquez, one of the greatest authors of our time, slipped away on 17 of March earlier this week. He was born in Colombia among political turmoil. This was the perfect climate to produce Magical Realist writing, and his writing is something special.  The first time I heard about this author was when a professor of mine recommended my class to read One Hundred Years of Solitude, or Cien Años de Soledad in Spanish. I wasn't sure what this book was about, but I really liked the sound of Magical Realism as a genre. I took my professor's recommendation, put it on my Summer reading list, and I never looked back. It is one of my favorite novels, if not my absolute favorites. I was enthralled and challenged the entire duration of the book. I have plans to read Love in the Time of Cholera, another book by Márquez, this Summer. For anyone who is reading this post, please pledge to read something from Márquez in his memory! I doubt you'll be disappointed.   Sr. Már

April 2014 Update

I just wanted to do a quick update this month! First off, I will be moving out in May! I'll be moving to Atlanta where I'll be cat sitting and taking Summer courses. I'm even considering doing an internship with Atlanta's very own Literary Magazine, Loose Change. I'll be cat sitting Geraldine. In addition, the week after Easter, I am supposed to be doing an overnight paranormal investigation at The Old Hawkinsville Hospital . I will definitely have posts about all of the above. On another ghostly note, how many of you have had paranormal experiences?