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New Haircut Once Again

There's something special about a good haircut. For me, having a fresh haircut, especially if it is an interesting style, gives me a spring in my step. I gain a little more confidence, and I get just a bit more excited about getting dressed and ready in the morning (or in many cases, afternoon). I had previously been wanting to grow out my hair after having much of it buzzed close to my scalp, so for a while, I grew it almost to my shoulders in my natural color. All the while, I craved something different. After I got tired of the color, I dyed it purple. Then, I was somewhat happy with it for a short while. Now, I am back to a short, punky haircut. I don't think I'll be cutting it anymore for the time being. Rooster comb hair next to a rooster bell.

Peter Murphy's Lion Tour

As soon as Lion was released in June, I went to various stores to get my hands on a copy. It was after having little luck that I turned to amazon, receiving a copy of the deluxe version in the mail (which comes with the album + a live Bauhaus set). I put the CD in my car's player and subsequently jammed out for about a week straight including on the way to an observatory trip with my lovely and handsome astronomer. With great care, Ryan had planned out our evening for when Peter Murphy was to roll up into town (7 August, 2014). I got all dolled up in a white dress, since Peter Murphy commented about no one wearing white on his Ninth tour, and I did my hair up in a braided turban wrap with a flower headband.  Ryan took me out to dinner at a place called Bone Garden Cantina ( link ), which is a Day of the Dead themed restaurant filled with beautiful paintings and sculptures. Ryan had a nice looking margarita with a taco and enchilada, and I had a couple of hibiscus (flores de

A Brief Rant on Intolerance

Most of you don't know that I have started doing private English as a second Language tutoring in addition to my other work. I just had my last session with a female student around my age who is from Saudi Arabia. Over the course of time that she's been here,  I had the fortune of spending Ramadan with this student, her sister, and her aunt. We got to break her fast together after sunset during our lessons (they make such wonderful food). I have gotten to know this student and her family, and they are some of the kindest, most welcoming people I have ever met. This is why when we went to a restaurant before one of our last lessons, I was especially upset at and personally offended by the manager who was so obviously discriminatory.  My student was just ending her Ramadan fast, and since I once had mentioned my appreciation of Mexican food during a conversation, she told me that she wanted to go out to eat with me at a Mexican restaurant. I looked up a restaurant close to her