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The Soft Moon

Earlier this month, I went to go see an exciting band called The Soft Moon. Originally, they were scheduled to open for Killing Joke. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Killing Joke cancelled the show. However, I still got to see The Soft Moon performing the new Deeper album: You can listen to the full album above. Listen with headphones and imagine hearing it live. I guarantee you will be hooked. It's hard for me to describe this band's "genre," but it reminds me of Post-punk, Dark wave, EBM, and even Shoe-gaze at times.  Also, I got really pumped when Luis Vasquez took a trashcan from the side of the stage and started playing it. I thought I heard someone behind me yelling "more trashcan!"

Wrapping Up...

Well, it is now January 2016, and I am set to graduate from college in May. Of course, when I first started doesn't seem so long ago. Things have changed so much from when I started, and I am glad for it. I still don't completely know what it is I will do when I leave, but I have the peace of knowing that things will work out. I have so many opportunities, even despite the daunting job situation in which every employer requires at least 2-3 years of experience in addition to a degree. These past four years have given me experience working behind a desk, tutoring writing and ESL, volunteering in education, speaking publicly, and work-shopping my writing. I've gained practical experience living and working in a non-English-speaking country, at least for a short time. These things have prepared me. I feel like my horizons have broadened so much. I have worked extremely hard over these four years. If there is one thing college has taught me, it is knowing how to say no to peo