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What Have I Been Doing with my Life?

I'd say, "Wow, it's been a whole year since I've updated my blog! Where has the time gone?" but I don't think that would be genuine. I know it's been a year. On my long to-do list, blogging has been the very last item. Although, lately I find myself missing the semi-anonymous space and group of supportive followers to whom I could pour out my thoughts. So, I'll give a Reader's Digest update of all that's happened since February of 2017: I finished a tough year of service with AmeriCorps in West Virginia. I moved back to Atlanta to live with my then recently divorced parents until I could find a full time job. I did ghost tours and found a part time job making bubble tea. I found a full time job in my field! I started work in Communications in December. I moved into a house of my own. I'm making plans to get married to Ryan (finally). The wedding is in late July 2018.  Here's a more detailed account:  I led some ghost