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It's very late, and the  moon is radiant and high in the sky. You're walking back home on a dirt path beside the desolate road. The air is biting-cold. You sniffle, eyes darting back and forth, and your feet take you in through the tall wrought iron cemetery gates. You've used the graveyard as a cut-through before, but you're still feeling uneasy. There's a disturbance, and you can sense it in your gurgling gut. Your suspicion grows as you approach a dirt mound above a grave. A shadow glides past in your peripheral vision. You walk faster and faster, but trip on a patch of pebbles. Stumbling, looking around, you see what looks like a pile of a person. Then the hit like a wall of sticky decay. You sprint as fast as your feet can take you. Gliding through the air, refusing to look back, there is one thought rattling your brain: Ghoul. source The legend of the ghoul is one that fascinates me thoroughly. Many people confuse ghouls with zombies, but

Tu Blog Me Inspira Award

This award was given to me by Ray X over at Breakfast on Mars . Thanks! For this award, I have to list five odd habits of mine. I also have to tag fifteen bloggers that inspire me. When I hear people talking, I sometimes trace out a word I hear on my hand. A lot of times I don't even notice. I think it comes from my father, because he does the same thing.  Whenever I'm tired or upset, I tend to run my fingers along my scalp. Sometimes I'll rub my forehead too. I think this stems from when  I was very little, my mom used to rub my forehead before bed. She also liked to play with my hair, but it always bothered me. When I'm thinking, I bite my lip. Sometimes I even peel some of the skin off without noticing. I frequently pop my fingers. My brother does it a lot, and he pressured me to pop my fingers as well when I was much younger. I've been doing it ever since, so hopefully it won't cause arthritis or knobby knuckles like people say.  I can't re

DIY Nose Chain

For those of you who've been trying to hunt down a nose chain, you probably know that they're difficult to find. Even online , there isn't a big selection. The ones I've found at a local Indian mall were pretty, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for. I finally decided it would be easier to make my own.  What you need: Any kind of necklace chain (preferably lightweight) Nose ring (you can also make a lip chain if you have a lip ring.) Earring Hook Metal loops (You might be able to find a couple on your necklace) Jewelry pliers (I used regular pliers, but it's a lot more difficult.) How To Make It: Measure out the length you want your nose chain. Using the  pliers, separate the chain to your desired length. Take the piece you need, and attach both ends to  the bigger metal loops. Attach one end to your earring hook and the other end to your nose ring. Make sure the ends are tightened enough where the

Make Up Forever Black Lipstick

source A good black lipstick can be somewhat difficult to buy. I've tried two other black lipsticks before my recent buy. One of them was Hot Topic brand, and the other was a cheap Halloween lipstick. Neither of these were satisfactory. They were thick and difficult to apply. I found out that the main ingredient in the cheap Halloween lipstick was Castor Oil, which would explain the sticky, thick texture. When I found out Sephora carried Make Up Forever black lipstick, I was eager to try it.  I'm pleased to say this Satin Black was such a refreshing change to the other black lipsticks I've tried. It has a very smooth texture that glides onto the lips. It feels very comfortable to wear; this is important considering it's very opaque. It does have a nice satin finish as the name implies. As far as the wear goes, it's long lasting but it does stain a bit. The price for this lipstick was $19. It's a little expensive, but not unaffordable, and it's defin

Writing A Spiritual Journal

Surprisingly, there's not very much information on the internet pertaining to keeping a spiritual journal. Sure, there's a WikiHow  page, but most of the information I've found is either vague or relating to specifically Christian spiritual journals. Actually, there are no limits for spiritual journals, so why and how you write one depend on you, the author. source I felt compelled to keep a spiritual journal for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I consider myself to be a spiritual person. I wanted to write this journal to make sense of past experiences that could possibly be paranormal-related, and I also wanted a way of tracking my spiritual growth. These are not the only reasons for starting your journal. You can use it to explore what inspires you as a person. You can also use it to reflect on dreams and nightmares .  You can even write the journal to reflect on fate and the meaning of life . If you are a religious person, you may want to write down meaningful pra

Resolutions for The New Year

Making resolutions are cliche, but I'm going to make a few regardless: I'd like to cook more, and I want attempt to make vegan and vegetarian meals. I'm not a veggie, but a few vegan or vegetarian meals a week is very heart healthy. I need to get outside more. Fresh air does wonders for anyone. (This also means spending less time on the computer.) I'm going to start a spiritual journal, obviously for my spiritual benefit (by tracking my growth and what not). For The New Year in The South, or for my family at least, we always eat black eyed peas and greens (collard, mustard, turnip, I love 'em all!).  It's supposed to symbolize luck and wealth, but I participate in the tradition because I very much enjoy Southern/Soul food. Does anyone else have any New Years traditions to share? Yum! I hope everyone had a lovely end of the year, and may the new year bring you fulfillment and happiness.