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Halloween #TBT

I know "time flies" is a cliche, but it's exactly what I'm feeling. I was going to write about last year's Halloween, but then I remembered the Halloween on my mind actually happened two years ago! I'm too young for time to go by so fast. Yet it does. 
Today I find myself reminiscing about the Halloween when Ryan came to visit me in West Virginia, and we made the drive to the gorgeous, sprawling Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston. (Click the link for pictures and more information.) I had heard about this place for years as a paranormal investigator, not fully realizing it was so close to where I lived in the Mountain State. 
It's one of those huge Gothic structures that dominates the landscape. The town of Weston itself needs some tender loving care. Although it is making progress, plenty of the buildings and homes are "blighted." But then you turn a corner and this magnificent former asylum stretches out behind the main street. 
We took …
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I'm Getting Married in a Month...and Musings about "Growing Up" with This Blog

Finally people have stopped asking me, "What are your colors?" But now they're saying, "It's getting close! Are you ready?"

I woke up a week and a half ago with tension in my temples and feeling like I couldn't get my heart rate down. I realized that it was probably wedding-planning stress. I've tried with all my might not to stress about the wedding, so much so that it's finally caught up with me, I suppose.

But, I made sure to de-stress over the weekend last week and get done what I could with my week nights and this past weekend. What will be will be.

I might be a married woman the next time I post here! That's an interesting thought considering I started this blog in high school. It's been less than a decade, but life has crammed so many changes into that short amount of time.

When I began this blog, I was an inexperienced teenager, enthusiastic about the Goth subculture, searching for kinship with others who shared my interests. It …

Experiencing Loss and Looking Eternity in the Face

When someone close to you dies, it's never easy trying to recover. Even if you weren't so close with such person, you have to find a new way to live. You have to remind yourself that the person is no longer around. And that reality sometimes falls gently, while at other times it bursts in on your thoughts. 
We lost Ryan's brother, Owen, over a month ago from complications with his brain tumor. The progress he made astounded his doctors. But the hemorrhage happened without warning. I've only known him for five years, and Ryan and I have lived out of state. Still, though, I would catch myself thinking, Next time we visit...
But the next time we visit, he won't be there. 
This experience of loss is different every time it happens. For example, when my grandmother died over four years ago, I had so much trouble coping. I tried my best to "be strong" because people told me to. But then I couldn't be strong anymore. 
She was sick for six months as well. I …

What Have I Been Doing with my Life?

I'd say, "Wow, it's been a whole year since I've updated my blog! Where has the time gone?" but I don't think that would be genuine. I know it's been a year.

On my long to-do list, blogging has been the very last item. Although, lately I find myself missing the semi-anonymous space and group of supportive followers to whom I could pour out my thoughts.

So, I'll give a Reader's Digest update of all that's happened since February of 2017:
I finished a tough year of service with AmeriCorps in West Virginia.I moved back to Atlanta to live with my then recently divorced parents until I could find a full time job.I did ghost tours and found a part time job making bubble tea.I found a full time job in my field! I started work in Communications in December.I moved into a house of my own.I'm making plans to get married to Ryan (finally). The wedding is in late July 2018.  Here's a more detailed account: 
AmeriCorps was one of the hardest things …

My Mom Wanted me to Update my Blog

Well, I didn't plan to stop blogging. It just happened that I haven't posted in six months. A lot has happened in that time, and I owe it to my biggest fan, my mom, to post an update. Here it is, Mom!
I ended up going to a few more Goth club nights before I left Atlanta. I went with one to my best friend, who is pictured below:
Then I moved to rural Northern West Virginia where I can walk to water falls and hike up mountains. I live only 3 hours from Washington, D.C., so I've been there a few times as well. 

When Halloween came around, Ryan flew up to visit. We dressed as Titania and Bottom from A Midsummer Night's Dream and drove to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum for a Halloween Ball. The old asylum is huge and has beautiful Gothic architecture. We brought our own beer and walked around, ogling at the elaborately dressed costumers.

I even saw Robert Smith! He seemed very pleased that I recognized him.

Then, before we knew it, Christmas arrived. My roommates and I…

My First Time at a Goth Club

When I walked into the building for Ascension, a Goth/Industrial night, they started playing "This Corrosion." I was introduced to Goth six years ago when I listened to the song, so it was like the night saying "Merry Gothmas, Katie!" I'd been planning on going all week, but when Friday rolled around, I was so exhausted from spending the entire day getting a new car (my last one was totaled) and then visiting family with a long drive back. I came home and wanted to just take a nap, and after taking too long to decide, I got dressed and headed out the door. This past Ascension was the last one held at the Masquerade, a much-loved local venue, and I wanted to experience it before I left for West Virginia.

I'd known about Ascension for a while. One reason why I hadn't gone before this past Friday is because of being a student and having lived an hour away. It's a lame excuse. Aside from that, I told myself for years that I wasn't a cluby-type (alth…

Anticipation for My Summer as a Goth

I remember in 2011, I read on Gothic Charm School that My Summer as a Goth, a coming of age movie, had a kickstarter. I watched the videos and read the posts as a high schooler who had also gotten into Goth during the summer time about a year or so prior. After five years of waiting, the movie released another video on their Vimeo account:

My Summer as a Goth - Kickstarter Video - Finishing Funds - July 2016 from My Summer As A Goth on Vimeo.

The co-producers say that they will be shooting through August, which is approaching very soon! However, they still need more money to edit and produce as well as promote the movie. I'm not sure how the movie will turn out (though Jillian Venters says that they "get Goth right."). Regardless, I'm looking forward to watching the movie, indulging in nostalgia and seeing if any of the experiences of the young goths in the movie coincide with my own.

I'm sure the film will be quite different from another much-loved coming of age …