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Drab Majesty Releases Modern Mirror Today

Chances are, if you pay attention to goth music news, you've heard of Drab Majesty. They're the otherworldly children the goth scene never asked for but desperately needed. They've used the words "tragic wave" to describe their sound, which is ever-evolving. Their imagery is decidedly distinct and draws on many influences, most notably UFO cults (like Heaven's Gate) and Greco-Roman statues.

The first time I heard of Drab Majesty was at Cold Cave's most recent tour stop in Atlanta. A woman wore a Drab Majesty t-shirt to the show, and she and a couple of others talked about their love of the band. I decided to take out my phone and search the band so I could listen later. 
The first song I heard was "Cold Souls" off their second album, The Demonstration.

The first thing that sprang to mind was The Chameleons because of the atmospheric, "sonic cathedral" sound. I love cold, dreamy and otherworldly music, and while "Cold Souls" i…
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Coming Soon: Updates to This Blog

I started this blog, Bats in the Belfry, Cats in the Attic, in 2011. I began this blog as a young person shouting my voice into the void, hoping others would respond. Like many young people who find themselves interested in an alternative subculture, I wanted another space to express and explore my authentic self away from the push-back alternative kids receive in the "real world." So, this blog became that space. For that I am grateful.

Since 2011, I've graduated high school and college, moved out on my own, got married, and have a different sort of life as a young professional in the corporate world. I've spent time in and out of the goth subculture proper. My heart still beats for all things dark and weird, but I am a different person than I was in 2011.

While I've grown as a person, this blog has stayed, for the most part, stagnant. I want this blog to grow as well, and I have some plans to help it along.

I work in marketing and communications. As such, I'…

Recent Concert and Club Outings (With What I Wore)

Staying in and getting more sleep is wise. I love sleep, and sleep is good for my health. But lately, the desire to bedeck myself in gothic clothing and become a creature of the night at local goth nights and shows has risen once again. Why? I love music, especially music that happens to fall under the "goth" umbrella. That's no surprise to readers of this blog. I like to dance to that music too. I'm not the best dancer (my mother once said I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld), but I do it nonetheless. I also like dressing up in clothing that's black, creative and perhaps otherworldly. I don't get to do it all day everyday because of my corporate™ job, so I've been relishing these chances.

My husband's been working hard to finish his doctorate these last few months, so I've had more time on my own in the evenings. I've been using this time to dress up and get out and even socialize with other folks in my local scene (which is relatively new to t…

Let's talk Goth, Consumerism and #zerowaste

Disclaimer:I do not claim to be an expert on low waste (or "zero waste") living—far from it. The purpose of this piece is to explore what it means to belong to the Goth subculture in the context of consumerism and making sustainable choices. There are many ways to live sustainably, but this piece will focus on reducing waste. This piece does not seek to shame or blame anyone but rather to challenge throw-away attitudes that dominate our world—and the modern Goth subculture—by offering another perspective. Respectful discussion in the comment section is welcomed.  When I hear the words "zero waste," I often think of people making videos to show off three months of trash fitting inside a little mason jar, their magical Whole Foods shopping trip, or even a tour of their impossibly-tiny capsule wardrobe. Search #zerowaste on Pinterest and you'll come up with pictures of tidy little beige pantries with uniform mason jars filled with chia seeds, nutritional yeast and …

Ten Things of 2018

For the majority of the past ten years, I've wanted to say "good riddance" to that current year and hope for a better coming year. But even though this year did bring loss, change and sadness, it also brought me great joy. I've felt a deep sense of gratitude for this year.

Here are ten big things that happened in 2018: I settled in to my job and house.Ryan and I started planning our wedding.Ryan's youngest brother was diagnosed with glioblastoma. He passed away in April. I competed in a charity dance competition with a Waltz routine.We got married on July 21st in Thomas, WV (where I did my AmeriCorps service). We had a "mini-moon" in Asheville, NC. I didn't have enough time off work for us to have a "real" honeymoon. We'll be planning a honeymoon for 2019. Ryan's brother got married in September.Ryan's cousin got married in September as well. (2018 will be the Year of Weddings.)I went to my first out-of-town conference in Washing…

A Sc-Eyre-y Halloween

I read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte this year. I absolutely loved it. I loved every minute of reading it. Read the book if you get the chance. 
I didn't plan very much this Halloween. I work full time and was leading ghost tours and doing other things most evenings. I knew that I wanted to dress up though. So, the weekend before Halloween, a thought dawned on me to go as Jane Eyre. 
The only piece of the ensemble I had to buy was the skirt. You can't get a good view of it in the picture below, but it is a sumptuous black fabric. It's stiff, pleated and almost glows if the light hits it right. It was another serendipitous thrift store find, and I'll be sure to wear it again. 
We decided not to go out Halloween night but instead continued watching a new Netflix series called The Haunting of Hill House. A lot of the images from the show have stuck in my mind. We've just watched the fourth episode, and the show is growing more and more intense.

If you've seen  Th…

Halloween #TBT

I know "time flies" is a cliche, but it's exactly what I'm feeling. I was going to write about last year's Halloween, but then I remembered the Halloween on my mind actually happened two years ago! I'm too young for time to go by so fast. Yet it does. 
Today I find myself reminiscing about the Halloween when Ryan came to visit me in West Virginia, and we made the drive to the gorgeous, sprawling Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston. (Click the link for pictures and more information.) I had heard about this place for years as a paranormal investigator, not fully realizing it was so close to where I lived in the Mountain State. 
It's one of those huge Gothic structures that dominates the landscape. The town of Weston itself needs some tender loving care. Although it is making progress, plenty of the buildings and homes are "blighted." But then you turn a corner and this magnificent former asylum stretches out behind the main street. 
We took …