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My Spiritual Journal: One Year Later

After the dawn of the year 2013, I made a resolution to create a spiritual journal. A suggestion from a friend a few months previous had put the idea in my head, but I kept thinking how it was a good idea. Although I had never before been able to keep up with journaling, I made the commitment this time. This past New Year's day was the one year mark for my journal, and I don't plan on stopping.  I recently finished a writing pedagogy class, where I discovered why journaling works. You see, writing isn't just a means for documenting thought; it's also a way of learning (epistemic writing). When we write, our thoughts spin out in a web, which allows us to make certain discoveries. Through journaling, which is personal and less-hindered, we are able to make self-discoveries. I had a professor who once said, "reality is a function of language," which to me means that through a shift of view or expression, the world can appear in many different ways. When journa