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Odd Ghoul Out's 2019 Concert Clip Show

It's been a decade since I first got into goth music and subculture. And, with my tongue firmly stuck to my cheek, I observe how I am still a baby bat! I'm young enough to still be called a "baby" at shows and club nights yet old enough to recall, with deep nostalgia, vying for a spot directly in front of the stage at my first Peter Murphy show nearly 10 years ago at a now-relocated venue in Atlanta... I also remember with fondness—and some embarrassment—writing a cliché poem for Peter Murphy, referring to him as the "original Bat." And, instead of keeping it to myself, I actually threw the typed poem up onto the stage directly following the show, hoping he'd pick it up and keep it in his breast pocket. Ah, the folly of youth!

I don't recall there ever being this many bands of the goth or goth-adjacent persuasion playing in Atlanta since I got into the subculture. That's not to say there weren't plenty of bands playing this city. I only found out about big-name shows such as Peter Murphy, Dead Can Dance, the Cure, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, etc. 

This year, I started participating more in my local scene; hence, I am now in the loop about shows and other happenings. I've been discovering more contemporary bands, and I managed to see 12 live shows. I've even felt the old fluttery feelings I got when first discovering the musical foundations of the goth subculture.

Lately, I've wanted to compile a list of all the shows I've ever seen in order to aid my own memory. I haven't done that yet... Instead, I made a clip show of sorts to commemorate the shows I saw in 2019. I will include that here for your listening pleasure:

What are some of your favorite concert memories? What bands did you get to see in 2019? What are some contemporary bands that excite you?


  1. Last show I saw was when I took my 14-year old son to see Metallica ... he's now 30. I have very bad tinnitus in my left ear now, thanks to that particular memory. lol

    1. I bet that was a fun show! The metal shows I've seen were so much louder than other genres though. The Kaelan Mikla show I saw had metal bands as openers, and I swear I could feel the wind on my face coming from the speakers. My ears were ringing for days after that one, so I think I might purchase some special concert ear plugs.


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