Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prom Preparations

     Prom is this weekend, and I am entirely unprepared. I'll be wearing my old dress from last year. I don't mind, it's beautiful and really cost efficient.
prom 2011

prom 2011
I graduated early in December, but I'm still allowed to attend prom. I'm going with my friend Eric (Jean) this year. We had something really special planned. He wanted to dress like Carrie with blood spatter included,
and I was going to go as bride of Frankenstein. The administrators put an end to his Carrie idea, and I couldn't find the perfect dress in time for my idea. Instead, I plan on doing makeup inspired by Siouxsie Sioux. I'll re-dye my hair, and I'm planning on getting long black fake nails. It will still be just as great. I think I'll even wear my Demonia Swing 220s. Oh, and I'll make sure to post pictures of our classy asses after this Prom. :)

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