Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday (whatever holiday you do or don't celebrate). We celebrate Christmas in my household, but I wouldn't really call it celebrating...more like going through the motions. Regardless, I got some gifts I'm excited about!

This is a neat little crushed velvet backpack-purse. I'll be decorating it with patches and pins in the spirit of DIY.

So..many...books. I'm looking forward to reading Zak Bagans' (of Ghost Adventures) book. For any new followers, you must know that I regularly partake in making fun of this "ghost hunter." It's all in good fun. I think I'll do a post about his book when I get around to reading it.

 This is such a neat little necklace. It makes me wonder how they punched the cross out of the coin...It must be Christmas Magic! ;)

These lipsticks and the lip brush are Make up Forever brand from Sephora. The colors look lighter than they actually are. I tried these two colors in the store, and they are the nicest lipsticks I've worn. It's not very often one can find a good black, so I really got lucky when the store got it. I'll make sure to do a review on it as well.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab some wine and pretend to be a cat. :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

It's Alexander Skarsgard aka Eric Northman from Trueblood.

I've had quite an eventful holiday this year. There's many changes happening, so I'm pretty much just rolling with the punches. Despite my expectations, I've had a good Christmas this year. I've spent a lot of time catching up with friends, and for that I am thankful. I just got back from one of my friends' family Christmas parties. We had Chorizo and steak, we busted piƱatas, and I even learned to dance the Cumbia (although not very well) . Maybe I should've been born Mexican, because they sure know how to have fun. ;) 

In the morning, we'll be opening presents. I'll make sure to do a separate post for that. 

And now for something completely different...I was quite proud of this outfit, because I tied the tie all by myself like a big girl. The top says,"Buzzkill Police." 
Goodnight, everyone. I have to go to sleep now since it's almost the witching hour, and creepy-Clause will be breaking into my house any minute. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm On Tumblr

I know I'm very late in getting one, but I finally signed up for Tumblr. My page is simply titled, "Odd Ghoul Out." Here's the link if you'd like to follow. I plan on posting mainly macabre, darkly humorous, and paranormal related things here.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Styling My Short Hair

I just wanted to show everyone a few different ways I can style my hair. Many people think that short hair isn't as versatile as long hair. My cut, however, seems pretty versatile to me. I recommend this cut to anyone who's looking to going short.  

If you do decide on getting a similar cut, here's some styling ideas:

Of course, there's the lovely pompadour style. It's great for formal events, or when you want to add some sass to your day. I got this look by gelling the sides, and backcombing and curling back the top.

Mohawk-style! I really like wearing it like this. I wore it the next day after I had it in a pompadour. All you need to do is just comb it out a little, and use some gel and hairspray. 

This is my teased-up side sweep. It's similar to the pompadour style, but it's messier. I crimped some of the hair, and I brushed it over to the side.

 And Last but not least, it's a piecey pixie. I really love this style. It's the easiest to do. You literally just brush it forward. If you want to add a little volume, backcombing looks great with this as well. This is one that the family loves, so it's good to wear to holidays and family events.

Since I've cut my hair, people have been treating me differently. People have been treating me like more of an adult. I've been getting more respect, and I've gotten so many compliments (especially from men). I never expected any of this, but I certainly welcome it.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Haunting: Local Case

Some of you may be familiar with the television show, "A Haunting." If you aren't it's a paranormal series that incorporates interviews and re-enactments to tell a story about hauntings, possessions, and other phenomena. I've been watching this show for years, and it's always entertained me. It is often cheesy and over dramatic, but that's just a part of the show's charm.

More recently, [my paranormal investigating group] gained a Father. He's an Orthodox priest, and his name is [Father Darren]. (See what I did there?) Father Darren, who's also known as Father Benedict, is experienced in the paranormal field. He's also an exorcist. He's there for us when the group or client might be suspicious of a haunting of darker nature. What does this have to do with "A Haunting," you ask? Well, Father Darren was recently featured in Episode 9 Season 5 (alongside my fellow ghost tour guide Michelle).  In the episode, Father Darren worked with another local group, [RGPI], in a case surrounding a woman who believes she is possessed.

You can watch 10 minutes of the episode [here]. Keep in mind, these shows are low budget and cheesy.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Haircut

I finally got the hair I want, and I love it! I think it suits me. I'm not really sure what to call this style. What would you readers call it?

 On a more random note, I recently bought these tights from Hot Topic after their Halloween items went on sale. They have stitches all the way up the leg. I think they're cute.

And If you care to watch my random Shenanigans:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Update

Hello, Everyone. I see I have some new readers since last time I've posted. Thanks for taking the time to follow!

December's been pretty hectic so far. I'm finishing up with final exams actually. My last one is on Monday. It's such a relief to finally have my first semester over with. This whole semester has been pretty chaotic. I've been working so hard that I think I my [Mono] came back. I've also already gotten sick twice this semester with a head cold and a stomach virus. I really need to slow down on the work load, but I don't know how to say "no" to work.

After my last final, I have about a month off until the next semester starts, so I'll be sure to do plenty of the things I've been planning. That list includes pleasure reading, clothing mods/alterations, more sleep, time out with friends, and blogging. I've also got another paranormal investigation this Friday, and hopefully (fingers crossed), I'll be getting my hair cut. I haven't been able to get it just yet, because the only hairdresser I trust has been out sick.

In other news, today has been really great. I went out for [Pho] after my Astronomy final, and I had work afterwards. One of my coworkers at [The Writing Studio] used to be a punk way back when. He's really familiar with bands I love, including Bauhaus and Dead Can Dance. We talked a lot about music today, and he showed me his cemetery photography portfolio. He had some spectacular shots! Anyway, it looks like we'll be doing some CD swapping. :)

I'll be sure to have some more posts up as soon as I get a moment to spare!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ready for a Hair Change

Throughout my life, I've never really done much with my hair. The most adventurous hair I've had is my current hairstyle. It's short and black, and that's not really bold at all. Although I like my current hair, I think I'm ready for a change.

This is the hairstyle I've been wanting:

I'm not planning on going blonde, but I might do something with the color. I'm not sure when I will do this, but probably somewhat soon.

What do you guys think?

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I just recently got over a stomach virus, so today was the first day I could eat anything substantial...and I did eat a pretty substantial amount of food! I won't bore you all with the details, as I'm sure many of my readers are familiar (or at least acquainted) with this tradition.

I made a video I thought I'd share with you all. It's a video I made for my brother of our pets' thanksgiving feasts. My brother, John, is teaching English in Thailand, so he isn't able to attend any of the holidays this year. This video was very special to him since he and his dog, Lucy, are very close to each other.

That's my mother in the background, and I'm the lady behind the camera. The large blonde dog is Lucy, the small one is Jack, and my little cat baby is Abby.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Abandoned: Centralia, PA

On Highway 61 in Pennsylvania was a family-friendly mining borough. That was until the mine fire happened. In 1962, the town attempted to clean up a landfill by setting it on fire. That fire grew in the nearby coal mines, still burns to this very day. A lot of money was spent to help put out the fire, but nothing has been successful so far. Due to spontaneously opening sinkholes and dangerous carbon monoxide levels, Centralia was declared unsafe to live in. Today, Centralia is a Ghost town without even a postal code, and it is only home to a few. 
Centralia is a stop on many people's vacations. Some have a morbid fascination with this modern day ghost town, and many make the pilgrimage as a way of paying respect to the past. It was also the inspiration for Silent Hill. You can still visit Centralia by going along Route 61 and ignoring the detour signs, but do so at your own risk.

You can learn more about Centralia by visiting [this website].

The Orthodox Church which is still standing.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday Dinner and Gifts

My family and I went out to my favorite restaurant for my birthday dinner. It's called Gumbeaux's, and it's the best Cajun place that I know of. I wanted to try frog legs, so we ordered it as an appetizer. I picked one up, and bit into it. It tasted a lot like chicken, but you could taste the lake water in some bites. When I bit into Frogger's thigh, swamp juice shot out at me. It was odd, but something I wanted to try once. I ordered my usual Jambalaya for my main meal. It was delicious as usual. I even got free bread pudding for dessert! When it came out, the waitress and customers sang "Happy Birthday" to me.
froggy legs

The best Jambalaya I've ever had.

My lovely Grandma!

 After we got back, I opened my presents.

Finally! Skeleton-hand Hairclips.

My Mom said the necklace was sacrilegious. Nuh uh, lady!

Lightbulb earings!
Sassy bag

Psyched for Dead Poets

I love this movie. It's the best bildungsroman...props to you if you know what that is.

The best card 

My main man, Colbert

I love my ghosty stuff.

Take the wrapper off first? No way, I'm cutting out the middle man!
I also got an itunes gift card, so I can finally buy many of the songs I want. Chameleons, I'm coming for you! And you're just one click away, Feeding Fingers! Clan of Xymox, you're mine!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes by the way! You guys are the shit. ;)

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Birthday!

Today (November 9th) was officially my 19th birthday! (It is also Dorian Gray's birthday.) Jessica, Justean, and I took a trip up to the beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia to go see Frankenweenie at the Swan Drive-In Theater. This was my first time going to a drive-in. They're very rare where I live, and Swan was highly recommended by my aunt. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of my little celebration. The movie and the whole drive in experience were wonderful, and even the car ride was far from dull. Aside from the fact that I nearly got us killed on the drive up, I enjoyed being vulgar, singing badly, and laughing maniacally with my friends in the car. 
Official Website
The famous Blue Ridge Mountains.

The beautiful Jessica

I don't really know what to say...Justean's enjoying her funnel cake?


This is Cocoon Justean.
This movie was so cute!

It was pretty cold out tonight, at least to us, since we could see our breath. Taking the convertible probably was not the best idea, but I did get some chili cheese fries to warm my belly. Jessica and Justean also bought some yummy funnel cakes, which I sampled of course. I decided to opt out of getting the deep fried Oreo this time (yes, you read correctly. This is the Deep South, people). I felt like if I had any more sweets in my system, especially deep fried ones, then Wilford Brimley would sneak in through my window and give me The Beetus. Maybe next time.
These are deep-fried Oreos.
 People say you never feel any older with each passing birthday. Well, I feel different this year. A lot has happened in this one year. I've learned to be bolder among many other things. I feel so much more mature than I did last year, and I also feel liberated. It's going to be a great year. I'm determined to make it so! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Halloween

Halloween morning, I groggily skulked out of my bed, stepping on the cold tile of my bathroom. It was 6:30 am, and I was not ready to get up. Regardless, I sleepily prepared my hair and makeup, because I was determined to be Jareth the whole day. 

To become The Goblin King, I took a trip down to Walmart where I purchased my man piece, which is a star of Labyrinth in it's own right. No bulge equals no Jareth, and I wanted to stay true to the movie. If you can imagine, it's pretty silly and a bit awkward going to store late at night to buy nothing but a fairly large groin gaurd.

 The hair is also a big part of the costume. I prepared the hair using an 80's glam rock wig and a ton of got2b Schwarzkopf gel and spray. 

Finally, came the make-up. I found a few tutorials on You tube that helped give me direction. I applied primer all over my eyelids and on half my eyebrows.  After that, I took a white cream shadow pencil, and I caked it on and around half my brows. After the white, I blended it in with my foundation. You don't have to completely cover the white, because you will be going over the whole lid up with white shadow anyway. I drew the arched up brows with a brown pencil. On the lids, I brushed on a metallic tan color. Above it, I used blue shadow to wing up from the crease to the end of the brow. I then added charcoal colored shadow winging up at the edges of the color. To finish the eyes, I dabbed a luminescent white to the inside corners of my eyes. For the rest of the face, I contoured the cheekbones, nose, and lip area. For the lips, I added a little concealer and gloss.

This is the make-up before I touched it up after class.

Post touch ups.

At Georgia State, people either gushed over the costume of were kind of freaked out because they had no idea what Labyrinth is. Overall, my bulge was groped about five times. One of my classmates said it looked like I stole a melon and put it down there. My English teacher even addressed me as David Bowie the entire class, which was great. I can now officially say that I know the plight of men and their constantly shifting genitals, having reached down my pants to adjust myself so many times.

After school, I met up with scary scarecrow Justean, and we handed out candy and frightened the children in the early evening. Many people thought Justean was a prop. They kids would go up to me to get candy, and scarecrow Justean would be in a different spot when they turned around. She'd even stalk people. The funniest time was when she scared shitless a group of preteen girls. They screamed, and one of them stumbled backwards, tripping over a Styrofoam tombstone. The trick-or-treaters this year were incredibly lame. Most of them merely wore their high school gear, and the trick-or treating ended at about 8:00 pm. It's just not what it used to be. There was a group of older jocks that came to the door. They were wearing sweatpants and high school shirts, and that was it. I turned them away, telling them "No costume, no candy." I was pleased with myself, but I was also hoping nobody would egg our house.


After waiting around for the stragglers, Justean, a family friend (Darrell), and I decided to take my dog on a walk...taking the Ouija board with us. We picked a well lit spot along the road to do it. It was my first time using one, and I was a little wary of it. Darrell did not want to do it at all, but he agreed for some reason. It turns out, nothing happened. Maybe we weren't doing it right, or maybe it's just because the board is from Toys-R-Us. The planchette moved maybe half a centimeter, but it didn't do anything else. After we pushed the planchette to "goodbye," The lights make a loud popping noise and powered down. I thought Justean was going to crap at that moment, but I assured her the lights were on a timer. We walked home in the cool night, grabbing some take-out and pumpkin pie when we got back.

I took Justean home, and it was probably 2:30 am by the time I approached my neighborhood's street. All the sudden, this thing crosses the road ahead of me under a streetlight. It was solid black, and it's body somewhat resembled a bear. It's head, however, was too small to belong to a bear. It walked strangely too. It was on all fours, but it didn't sway or seem to shift it's weight like most animals do.  We don't have bears in our area, so I'm really not sure what I saw. It was creepy though, being on Halloween night with a full moon shining.

That was my Halloween, and I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween as well. ;)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Spoils

As promised, I have the goodies I made from my pumpkin. Below are the Cajun pumpkin seeds. They're really easy to prepare:
  1. Wash the pumpkin seeds in a colander, and dry them with napkins. 
  2. Prepare a baking sheet, and spray it with cooking spray (I used butter flavored).
  3. Spread out the pumpkin seeds.
  4. Cover with salt and Cajun Seasoning. Add to taste. (featured below).
  5. Put them in the oven on 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes (making sure to stir them around once or twice)

These are the pre-seasoned seeds. 

I am very pleased with how the pumpkin seeds turned out. Cajun spices never fail.

Next, I started on the pumpkin pie.  *This is enough for two pies.

  1. Put on a large pot of water to boil. After it started boiling, Pour the pumpkin meat in and cover with a lid.
  2. After you let it boil for twenty minutes or so, drain in a colander. 
  3. Put the meat back in the pot, and start mashing (or you can put it in a blender).
  4. Add about two cups of brown sugar (or more or less) and about 1/2 a cup of butter.
  5. Season it to taste using powdered cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ground ginger. I also added vanilla and a little lemon juice.
  6. Stir in three eggs, and pour in your evaporated milk.
  7. Pour in to thawed out pie crusts.
  8. Put it in the oven on 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 50 minutes (or until a toothpick comes out clean).

Although they do taste good, I'm not completely satisfied with the pies. I think it's because the pumpkins I used are not the pie-making kind, so they're slightly grainy. Next time, I'll probably throw the pumpkin meat in the blender. I might add sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk, and maybe some cream cheese. Cooking's a science, and it is all about trial and error.

Halloween's very soon everyone, so I hope you're ready. Holiday foods like these (and watching Hocus Pocus) have been long time traditions of mine. Also, There's never been a year that I haven't dressed in a costume, so be prepared for the Goblin King this time.