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An Interesting Day

     Today was an interesting day to say the least. After finally getting dressed this afternoon, I went over to pick up some job applications at a couple places. As I was walking to the book store, I noticed these two bullies from High School sitting outside. I never really knew them, and we always left each other alone minus a few annoyances on their part.  As I walked toward the entrance, they took off their sunglasses and stared me down with huge surprised faces and eyes rolling. The giggling was pretty obvious too. I wasn't dressed too flamboyantly or anything, and I was minding my own business. I just gave them a big smile and mouthed the words "fuck you." It's so funny how childish and petty people can be. I thought things would be different after graduating High School early, but apparently I was wrong. Maybe they thought I had died or something. I also went to Claire's and picked up two things. I got a pair of poison vile earings and some knee high lime green and black striped socks.
From Claire's online store
 After that whole ordeal, I hung out with Jean and Sadie at The Square (in metro atl). We had a lovely time chatting with Tina at The Corner Shop, visiting Eddie's Trick Shop, and eating at a Latin-Asian fusion restaurant. Tomorrow, I'll be doing an extras casting for a show called Teen Wolf. I've never seen it before, but this will mean I'll be getting a small paycheck. :) I'm also going to prom soon, so I'll do a post on that. If I wasn't typing this, I'd be out of breath talking. What a day! I haven't had a day this eventful in quite a while.


  1. Sadly, some people have a hard time growing up and changing. But these people are in for a rude awakening when they realize that as they get older, it gets harder and harder to get away with hat kind of thing.


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