Sunday, March 18, 2012

Momocon 2012

     My best friend, Justean, and I decided to go to Momocon yesterday. Originally free entry, this year they started charging thirty dollars to get in. I was really surprised and disappointed.
When we made it inside, we saw so many awesome looking people. I'm not even a fan of anime, other than a few exceptions, but I still loved seeing everybody's cosplays.
The lovely Justean (plague doctor) and I

Jack, The Pumpkin King

V, my inspiration.

They were just so adorable, so I had to take their photo.

A man in a gilly suit...haha

This year, Momocon was held in a larger venue. Justean and I were a little let down, because last year was so much more enjoyable. Maybe it was just me, but it seemed like there were a lot less dealers and artisans this year. All the same, the costumes were great, and the people were really friendly--even paying me compliments. When I came home (without having bought anything), I remembered that I forgot to give blood like I had planned. :( Oh well. I had a St. Patrick's dinner of ham and cabbage with my boyfriend's family, which makes up for forgetting to donate my blood.

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