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Abandoned Houses

To say that I like abandoned houses is an understatement. I am extremely fascinated with them. They are forbidden time capsules with clues about the past strewn about. Each one tells a different story, and much of it is left to the imagination. I love the adventure of it all. A couple days ago, I went with a few friends to an abandoned house not too far from where I live. It was really interesting. Just as a warning, this post is heavy with pictures.

We walked up to the entrance of the house. On the front porch, there were phonebooks, buttons, and bottles of schizophrenia medication. 
Nathan and Jean

We entered through the open window, since the front door is permanently closed due to the house weighing it down.  
There were piles of clothes, old belongings, and more bottles of anti psychotics strewn everywhere. On the wall, you can see "Jon", which appears to have been scrawled in glue. One of the former residents, named Jon, was also prescribed the medication.
On the table, there was a typewritten copy of the poem, "What Do You See?". This poem was written by an elderly woman in the geriatric ward of a hospital.
We all had a bit of fun in the house with paint. The painting done in the above picture was previously done by Nathan and Claire. I think it adds to the ambiance of the location. 

These above were pictures left by the former residents. The "blood" is actually just red paint.
Above is the kitchen of the house. If you zoom in, there are orbs everywhere. There are actually orbs in many of these pictures. Does this mean it is haunted, you may ask? Maybe, but the house was incredibly who knows. ;)
 You can definitely see evidence of The 70's in this house. The foam mannequin head's name is "Sandy Studd." We didn't name it. It was already there from a little girl who once lived there.
I am responsible for the verse on the door. Edgar Allan Poe is responsible for the verse itself. 
After much time spent in the place, our lungs started to notice. With all the mold, dust, and probably asbestos, It was getting difficult to breathe. We stepped outside in to the oak tree-filled side yard. 
This is the view from the back of the house. Note to self: wearing lacey skirts isn't the best idea for exploring abandoned properties. Mine got caught in thorns.  Oddly enough, we also found a toupee lying outside.  

Overall, you never know what you can find on abandoned properties. If anybody reading this plans to visit one, I suggest bringing a friend for safety reasons. This is also considered trespassing, so be warned. It would be wise to bring a surgical mask, since these places are known to harbor mold, dust, asbestos, etc. Good luck, and have fun exploring!


  1. Ooooh, how interesting. I thought I was lured in fast with the mention of the schizophrenia meds. o_0

    I would love to do urban exploration, but there is quite a famous story around town (it was in the paper a few years back) about these twin boys who were in art school (majoring in photography), and for their final photography thingy they went to the abandoned train station. Now, they didn't test the sturdiness of the floor, so one fell in. Something sharp that happened to be below the flooring punctured his lung: he went into intensive care and died. His brother was grief stricken. I didn't mean to scare you, but whenever I want to do that sort of thing, that story comes into my head. The train station really looks charming and interesting, even with boarded up windows.

    Maybe if I'm older and have a "posse" with me, I might do some exploration. But for now, I drool over sites that harbor photos. There's one guy who runs his own site on the photos of urban exploration that he does himself. Be warmed, it's addicting:

    Also, you can search on Flickr for groups dedicated to urban exploration :-D

    Sorry for such the long comment .. I just love these things. Hahaha.

    1. That's an interesting story. You never know what can happen. That's why it's good to bring people along. Abandoned properties are also attractive to homeless "squatters." Many homeless people are quite nice, but there are always the ones to be worried about. Urban exploration definitely has it's risks, but I love a little bit of danger and adventure. :)

  2. *I was lured in [not "I thought I was"]

    *be warned, it's addicting

    Gah, sorry, typos -_-

  3. wow! where was this house at?
    i have had a fascination with old and abandoned homes for as long as i can remember. I haven't ever been inside one before, though. i'm surprised it actually still had contents left from previous people!

    1. It's right down the road from my house. The one's I've been in all have belongings left. It's really awesome. :)


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