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My Thoughts On The Term, " Ghost Hunting"

Many people may not know, but I rarely use the term, 'Ghost Hunting.' Usually I prefer to use 'Paranormal Investigating,' 'Paranormal Research,' or simply 'Investigating.' There's actually a specific reason for this. I feel that the term is inaccurate to describe how I perceive the field.

The word, 'Hunting' is defined in the as "The pursuit and killing or capture of game and wild animals, regarded as sport." 'Hunting' is obviously an aggressive word, and I do not associate it with what my group and I do. 'Ghost Hunting' may accurately describe the 'investigating' style of the Ghost Adventures crew. If you have seen this program, you know what I am talking about. The team, especially Zak Bagans, are what ghost bullies would be. They aggressively confront and hunt down whatever entity may be on location. This, unfortunately, seems to be the style nowadays with many groups. This makes it that much harder for actual investigators to gain any respect or credibility outside the field.

'Paranormal Investigation' or 'research' implies the careful examination of the location in question. It involves use of the scientific method and a healthy dose of skepticism to narrow down the possibilities of the source of the occurrences. These kinds of people do not hunt down whatever could be attached to the property. Investigators aim largely to help the people experiencing activity. For example, my group was able to pinpoint the source of one family's problems a few months back. We were able to determine that it was not a haunting, but faulty electrical causing flickering lights and a very high electromagnetic field (EMF). If you did not know, high EMF is thought to cause headaches, uneasiness, and even hallucinations. We were able to put a family at ease with our findings, and that is what mattered most.

In my group, we have a double blind investigative style to reinforce the scientific method. This means that we send in two different groups at separate times. The members in the groups have no prior knowledge of the location or the activity experienced on the property. This assures that whatever the group experiences is authentic. If both the groups' findings match up, then there is definitely some significance. Everything that can be debunked, is. We do not know any definite information on the property until after evidence review. At that time, we contact the clients with our results and opinions. In my opinion, this method is the most credible and efficient. It further verifies that we are more precisely a team of investigators and not ghost hunters.

"A search of inquiry for ascertaining facts; detailed or careful examination." 'Investigation' is synonymous with 'exploration.' That is what we do, and that is how I will always think of the field. It isn't haphazard or forceful. That is why I do not to believe 'Ghost Hunting' will never be tantamount to 'Paranormal Investigating.'

On a similar note, I want everyone to witness the horrible monstrosity that is this song. And no, I do not mean it in a good way. This one was written by Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures. I admit, I do love to rip on this guy any chance I can get. I just can't resist.


  1. This is quite insightful.
    I never thought to differentiate the two-- and now I will.

    1. Not many people really do...I guess I'm just particular.

  2. I never really thought of it that way, but what you're saying makes sense! What group do you investigate with?

    1. Thank You! I investigate with Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation(HGWI). If you go over to my post, "Ghost Hunting: My Story," It links to the group's website, and tells about how I got involved with it all. :)

  3. I watched the video...

    *facepalm* That was painful.

    1. It certainly was. You will never get those five minutes back either. ;)


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