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Ghostly Encounters

     I mentioned in a previous post that I have had a few ghostly encounters of my own. As promised, this post will be dedicated to my personal tales of my experiences with the paranormal. I will share four distinct instances that I consider to be paranormal. Brace yourselves, because I didn't really want to share these experiences since I don't want to give the impression that I am delusional. I am not delusional, I can assure you. I just happen to be blessed with some interesting accounts.
     When I was six years old, my mother would always tell me that I would talk, moan, sweat, and move around in my sleep. I used to get terrible nightmares for a six year old. I recall waking up in the middle of the night so I could vomit in the toilet. One morning, I woke up to get ready for school. My parents were standing over my bed with concerned looks. when they pulled the covers off of me, I looked down at my hands. My little six year old hands were covered in blood. I had no visible wounds. We checked everywhere. It was no nosebleed and there was no blood on other parts of me. My parents were baffled, and my mother's first thought was stigmata. To this day, we still have no earthly idea what happened.
     A decade later when I was sixteen, I had a second vivid experience. I remember watching World's Dumbest on the TV at my boyfriend's house. We were sitting on the couch at around dusk, so it was light enough to clearly see everything. Nobody was home at the time, but I felt like we were being watched. I looked to my left, and a 7 foot tall solid black male figure emerged from the a closed door to my boyfriend's basement. This figure was wearing hat, and there were no discernible facial features. This figure was literally pitch black.
It looked similar to this.
 It stood there for about five seconds, so I had time to nudge my boyfriend so he could see it. We both saw the thing until it shifted its weight and turned around to walk back where it came. There were no cast shadows this harsh, and the figure was not against a wall. It was an open floor plan, so it was clearly visible. I know without a doubt that what I saw was paranormal.
     Last year, I had another experience which may be paranormal but is very likely mundane. I was investigating a local cemetery with my first mentor, the lunatic that I mentioned in a past post. He ordered the "spirits" to make me feel something. I was on the verge of laughter, because he was so Zak Bagans-like. 5-10 minutes later I got extremely nauseous. Two seconds later, the feeling passed. Paranormal? Possibly. Indigestion from my dinner? More Likely.
    The same year, I woke up for school like any other morning. I remember seeing the red letters of my alarm clock read 6:00. I was a little bit early to rise, so I decided to roll back over. I was freezing that morning, and I really wanted my fluffy blanket. Unfortunately, the blanket was wedged between two covers all the way to my feet. There was no way I could reach it, so I decided to give up. That moment, I heard a whooshing noise. My fluffy blanket gently rose up from between my covers until it draped over my neck. People who are close to me know that I always sleep with a blanket over my neck. I didn't see or hear anybody in my room. My father was the only one home, and he was watching TV on the first floor of my house. I found this experience to be highly comforting.
     These are my ghostly encounters so far. I have told you the honest and whole truth. Please comment with any interesting encounters of your own.


  1. i really like your stories! specially the one about the blanket. also, on the topic of the figure you saw- i have heard that "hat men" are supposed to be very dangerous. i don't know if this is just an old superstition?

    i have quite a few strange occurances, maybe i will make my own blog post as i start to remember. i'll only share two here.

    a few years ago i was in bed, waiting to fall asleep. i remember i was awake because i heard coyotes in the woods and i was a bit shaken up because i was worried about my cat. from my door i can see slightly into my sister's room (she has a kind of L-shaped room, so there is a mini halway before the large room). i noticed something strange on her wall. it was a moving light-like how someone would move a flashlight on a wall at a sleepover or something. it wasn't a ball or anything, just a kind of wide flashlight-like light slowly moving. i went to see if ti was my sister, because sometimes she would stay up late, but she was fast asleep. it might have been a light from outside, but it's hard to believe because my house is in a forest and it's pretty secluded- we don't even see car headlights.

    my second one: i was at an acting camp, and one of the rules was to never touch the screen in the back of the stage, because with one touch the screen would be bent out of shape and ruined. it was the last day of camp and we were all sitting in the audience, save for a group of young children and a counselor who were in the dressing rooms. all of a sudden, we all see the silhouette of a human appear on the other side of the screen. then we the shape touch the screen and run it's fingers down the screen (like a clawing motion...i could see individual fingers and everything). of course the director gets mad and starts yelling "who did that? come out here!" but no one was missing from either groups. and if it was someone backstage, they would have to be adult sized, and all the adults were working for the camp. it was a very odd occurrence.

  2. The hat man appeared to me as an observer. I didn't get any bad vibes from it. As for your stories, I really liked the one about the acting camp. :)

  3. I love ghost stories. I believe in ghosts, but I've never had an encounter.


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