Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Corner Shop

     Located In the Heart of Marietta (metro Atlanta) is a little shop close to my heart, The Corner Shop. Around a Few years ago, I spotted little Union Jack flags outside the store, and I wanted to enter. Upon entry, I was greeted by a sweet lady named Tina, and I began to browse through British goods that were once unavailable in my area. Even though sometimes I do not purchase anything, Tina always offers a warm hug and a friendly chat. I have been visiting the store ever since.

   I recall one of my first visits to the store when monsoon-like weather roared through the square. Completely unprepared, my brother and I rushed into The Corner Shop to seek shelter. We were greeted by Tina, who offered us tea and Jammy Dodgers. That day was one of the more memorable days I have had. Because of that experience, I will always carry a fondness for Jammy Dodgers and afternoon tea while rain pours in the background. This just goes to show that The Corner shop offers a little something for everyone.
    The corner shop stocks a variety of goods. There are many types of candies including Yorkie Bars, sugar Mice, Wine Gums, and countless others. More traditional English food, which I have yet to try much, includes blood sausage, haddock, black pudding, and Sheppard's Pie. The store is not only stocked with British food, but also with tea, kettles, Will and Kate merchandise,Celtic jewelry, and many other interesting items. Everything is priced reasonably, which is perfect for curious customers without much cash. 
     If you live in the greater Atlanta area, I highly recommend visiting The Corner Shop. It is located in my favorite town in suburbia, Historic Marietta Square. You won't regret it.  Here is the website:


  1. I love this post! Thanks Katie! I love you coming to visit me at the shop and glad it means so much to you too! Tina <3

  2. I love this place! The owners are so sweet! Whenever I am at the square I love to stop by.