Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY: Victorian Collar

     I've always loved the structured look of Victorian collars. I also had some excess fabric laying around that I cut off the bottom of a skirt, so I saw an idea waiting to be made. The fabric is a stretchy black jean material with lace running along the hem.
Here's what it looked like before.
In just a few simple steps, I had my very own Victorian-esque collar.
 Step 1 & 2:
I cut the fabric to fit the length around my neck, and I trimmed off some of the bottom. I then folded under and pinned down the bottom of the fabric in order to sew.
Step 3:
After I sewed the bottom, I sewed on hooks and eyes to the back for easy fastening.
Step 4:
I chose to sew silver buttons along the front, but a cameo pendant or anything else decorative would work.

That's it! It's pretty simple, and it didn't take much time or money to make. Simple and cheap projects are my favorites. :)

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