Monday, January 16, 2012

Amusing Comments I've Gotten

     I wanted to talk about some selected funny, interesting, and rude comments I've gotten on who I am and my chosen appearance thus far. Luckily for me, people where I live usually leave me be...for the most part.
     "Do you get all your clothes from Hot Topic?"
This comment was from a classmate of mine. I'm not sure why he asked.  I told him that I only have a few items from the store, and that I mostly shop at Goodwill or other various places. He seemed shocked to hear it.
     "You must have had a screwed up childhood to turn out the way you are."
A friend of a friend, who I hardly knew, asked me why I dress the way I do. I thought it was a comment of genuine curiosity, so I answered with politeness. She then proceeded to tell me about her childhood, and about how she's glad she turned out okay. Then she had to make the comment...sigh. It was really disheartening. I  felt angry and shocked, but my other friends took my side. It turns out, nobody likes the girl anyway.
    "You're like the least goth Goth person I have ever met."
Apparently my dark sense of humor or the fact that I actually smile isn't "Goth."
This was my face after some of these comments. (my cat, Abby)
     "Are you depressed?"
Cause, you know, that's totally the question to ask a stranger. I replied with, "Um...No. Why would you even ask me that?" She said I, "just look depressed." People never cease to amaze me.
     "Yeah, I was a Goth once. I used to sneak out of the house, dye my hair purple, and listen to Guns and Roses. I don't think you're Goth...just a darker trendy."
This one still makes me hysterical with laughter, and I got this one a couple of years ago. I was blissfully unaware that Guns 'N Roses sang ballads of the tortured teenage soul...I guess they're just too DARK for me to comprehend.
Yeah...They're so Gawf! :B  (source)
     "You look like a stereotypical Goth girl."
I remember the day someone said this to me, because I was too shy about the subject of my preferred music, style, etc. When you are the elephant in the room, you would probably want to be left alone too. Although now it doesn't really bother me, the comment was meant to make me feel uncomfortable. A jealous and hateful girl who "used to be Goth" was intimidated by me for reasons too lengthy to discuss.
     "You can have Katie hook you up with some sweet goth boots."
I remember this one fondly. I put a lot of my heart into my clothing, and I love receiving compliments. This one really made me feel proud and appreciated. :)
     These are just a few of the comments that I have received. I didn't mention all of the compliments I have received along with the scrutiny. I also didn't include the various "You look like (Abby, Amy Lee, Morticia, etc.)" comments or the awkward smiles and strange looks. I take each comment with a grain of salt, because I like who am. I really do. These comments give me a good idea of how people perceive me. Even if I smiled until me mouth hurt or wore every color in the rainbow, I still would be scrutinized. I know who I am. A lot of people like me, but a lot of people judge me. It's the same for everyone on this planet. Just be happy with who you are even if it seems like many other people aren't.  Leave me a comment about any remarks you have received!


  1. "Are you depressed?"
    Yeah, I get that one a lot. Apparently my "neutral" face looks sad or troublesome. :)

    1. Same here. People think my neutral face looks sad or angry. That's just my face. The funny thing is, my entire immediate family's faces always look upset too. haha