Monday, January 9, 2012

10 Songs No One Would Expect Me to Like

     Those of you who see me everyday know that I prefer to look like a funky creature of the night. For some reason, people assume that I am confined to a certain "role," so I've gotten comments or stares when I look or do anything "out of character." It's funny actually. I also happen to like a lot of music that is "Out of character."
Here are ten songs that I really like that no one would expect from me:

1.Talk by Coldplay. I actually used to be a Coldplay fanatic if you can believe it. I've been to two of their shows, and they have great stage presence. I still really like Coldplay. It seems to me that their songs are polarized. They have the cheery tunes, and then darker songs. I've always gone for the darker or more whimsical songs. I know, you're shocked.

2.Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I've always really liked this song. It brings back memories of when I used to listen to Queen in the car with my dad.
3.Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. I remember listening to this song in the 90's. I miss those days...
4.California Uber Alles by Dead Kennedys. My boyfriend listens to this band, and he introduced me to them. I like Dead Kennedys more and more every time I hear them, and this is just a fun song. Jello Biafra for President!
5.Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone. I first heard this song in middle school, and I loved it. I still know all the words.

6.Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies. My boyfriend introduced me to this one. The lyrics are just hilarious.
7.The Lovecats by The Cure. I just love cats...and this song is adorable.
8.Paranoid Android by Radiohead. I rather like Radiohead. My favorite album of theirs is "Hail to the Thief."
9.Caribbean Blue by Enya. I have loved Enya since I was a child. My mother used to play her in the car, and I would take the CD and run to my room to play it in my boom box. Those were the days.
10.Sabotage by Beastie Boys. I like Beastie Boys. They have good energy and funny lyrics. I remember listening to this song while on Rock-It roller Coaster at Universal Studios Orlando. I am an adrenaline junkie, and this is the perfect song for thrill rides. 
There you have it. Are you shocked? ;)

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  1. i like so many of these songs, too, haha.
    the first band i ever really liked was coldplay, so they hold a special place in my heart i guess?