Sunday, January 6, 2013

Writing A Spiritual Journal

Surprisingly, there's not very much information on the internet pertaining to keeping a spiritual journal. Sure, there's a WikiHow page, but most of the information I've found is either vague or relating to specifically Christian spiritual journals. Actually, there are no limits for spiritual journals, so why and how you write one depend on you, the author.

I felt compelled to keep a spiritual journal for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I consider myself to be a spiritual person. I wanted to write this journal to make sense of past experiences that could possibly be paranormal-related, and I also wanted a way of tracking my spiritual growth. These are not the only reasons for starting your journal. You can use it to explore what inspires you as a person. You can also use it to reflect on dreams and nightmares. You can even write the journal to reflect on fate and the meaning of life. If you are a religious person, you may want to write down meaningful prayers/spells/chants or track your religious experiences. If you have certain goals, for example many people want to develop psychic skills, spiritual journals are good for measuring your progressDon't feel pressured to limit your journal to one specific purpose; write whatever feels right to you. 

There are infinite options to how you can write this journal. You can start with a quote, a piece of poetry, or a prayer/spell that inspires you or relates to your subject. You can also doodle or paste pictures into your journal. You can do conventional chronological entries, or you can be more spontaneous. Go wherever your mind (and spirit) takes you.
By no means do you have to write on a schedule. You, the author, are the only audience, so write whenever you feel the muse. This also means you do not have to worry about neatness. It's okay to have bad penmanship, and it's okay to make mistakes. Your writer's voice can be as casual or formal as you want. For example, my journal has crossed out words, smudges, and sloppy cursive. Since I write what comes to mind, my voice is casual and I don't take much time to focus on organization. As long as you are able to go back and review your past entries, that's what matters. Remember, spiritual journals are supposed to be liberating, not constricting.
I purchased my journal from Barnes & Noble. It's nice quality, and it only cost $5. It's plain black, but that gives me the freedom to customize it any way I want. There's plenty of options in the way of journals. I've used spiral notebooks and composition books before, but pages have ripped and the binding has come apart after a only a semester of use. Since you don't want that happening, I recommend buying something good quality (hard cover or leather bound).

For any of my readers interested in starting your own spiritual journal, I wish you the best! 


  1. This is a great idea! a spiritual journal can help you explore those hidden parts of yourself and only do good in my opinion. I even have a personal blog dedicated to that, because I also believe that everything is connected and has a meaning. I wish you the best, and if you'd like to share some of it here it could be very interesting for me personally!

    1. Thank you! I will check out your spiritual blog. I believe spiritual journals are good for everyone, not just the "spiritual" people.