Monday, January 21, 2013

Tu Blog Me Inspira Award

This award was given to me by Ray X over at Breakfast on Mars. Thanks!

For this award, I have to list five odd habits of mine. I also have to tag fifteen bloggers that inspire me.
  1. When I hear people talking, I sometimes trace out a word I hear on my hand. A lot of times I don't even notice. I think it comes from my father, because he does the same thing. 
  2. Whenever I'm tired or upset, I tend to run my fingers along my scalp. Sometimes I'll rub my forehead too. I think this stems from when  I was very little, my mom used to rub my forehead before bed. She also liked to play with my hair, but it always bothered me.
  3. When I'm thinking, I bite my lip. Sometimes I even peel some of the skin off without noticing.
  4. I frequently pop my fingers. My brother does it a lot, and he pressured me to pop my fingers as well when I was much younger. I've been doing it ever since, so hopefully it won't cause arthritis or knobby knuckles like people say. 
  5. I can't really think of a fifth one, but there was something I did when I was little. I used to bite the insides of my cheeks. So much so, they would bleed and leave scars. I finally stopped, because my dentist became concerned. I'm sure the scars are still there, but I can't really feel them like I used to (they used to be raised, and I could feel them with my tongue).
Well now that you all know entirely too much about me, I will tag ten other bloggers I know I'm supposed to tag fifteen, but I know some of you have been tagged already.:
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  1. Yay this is so cute!! Thank you so much for tagging me!

    I have to say that I also share some masochistic odd habits with you O_o

  2. Thanks for tagging me. Now i need to go think about what my habits are.

  3. Thanks for checking in to my blog and for tagging me.