Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Spoils

As promised, I have the goodies I made from my pumpkin. Below are the Cajun pumpkin seeds. They're really easy to prepare:
  1. Wash the pumpkin seeds in a colander, and dry them with napkins. 
  2. Prepare a baking sheet, and spray it with cooking spray (I used butter flavored).
  3. Spread out the pumpkin seeds.
  4. Cover with salt and Cajun Seasoning. Add to taste. (featured below).
  5. Put them in the oven on 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes (making sure to stir them around once or twice)

These are the pre-seasoned seeds. 

I am very pleased with how the pumpkin seeds turned out. Cajun spices never fail.

Next, I started on the pumpkin pie.  *This is enough for two pies.

  1. Put on a large pot of water to boil. After it started boiling, Pour the pumpkin meat in and cover with a lid.
  2. After you let it boil for twenty minutes or so, drain in a colander. 
  3. Put the meat back in the pot, and start mashing (or you can put it in a blender).
  4. Add about two cups of brown sugar (or more or less) and about 1/2 a cup of butter.
  5. Season it to taste using powdered cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ground ginger. I also added vanilla and a little lemon juice.
  6. Stir in three eggs, and pour in your evaporated milk.
  7. Pour in to thawed out pie crusts.
  8. Put it in the oven on 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 50 minutes (or until a toothpick comes out clean).

Although they do taste good, I'm not completely satisfied with the pies. I think it's because the pumpkins I used are not the pie-making kind, so they're slightly grainy. Next time, I'll probably throw the pumpkin meat in the blender. I might add sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk, and maybe some cream cheese. Cooking's a science, and it is all about trial and error.

Halloween's very soon everyone, so I hope you're ready. Holiday foods like these (and watching Hocus Pocus) have been long time traditions of mine. Also, There's never been a year that I haven't dressed in a costume, so be prepared for the Goblin King this time.


  1. Cajun pumpkin seeds sound tasty!
    I kinda wish I had my seeds still-- I foisted them off to my neighbor. Ah well, at least she'll enjoy them! Maybe next year =)

    1. I definitely recommend it for next year...or this year if you take back some of those seeds. ;)

  2. I love that pumpkin pie recipe, I might try it out sometime. :D

    HOCUS POCUS ftw! I think I'll be watching that tomorrow if I can. :D

    And I'm looking forward to the Jareth pics. :DDDDD

    1. Yeah, a fellow Hocus Pocus fan!Last night, I bought the final piece...or shall I say cod piece. haha