Saturday, October 27, 2012

Twins of Evil tour 2012


After a hell of a car ride (getting caught by every red light, and being led to a dead end by the GPS), we finally arrived at the amphitheater. Justean and I hauled ourselves down to the entrance with all the other black clad people. We started to hear someone screaming on a megaphone. It turned out, it was a religious picketer warning others of Marilyn Manson's music (whilst forgetting to mention Rob Zombie). You know a concert's going to be good when people outside are screaming about Hell. 

We got up to the front gates, and a very elitist acting person in crow make-up -facepalm- was rubbing it in that he had front row seats, and we only had lawn tickets. Let me just say, one cannot act elite while wearing crow make-up. We got through the gates, and the venue completely closed off the lawn. I was wondering where we were going to sit. It turned out, The headliners didn't even sell enough tickets to fill up the seats. Everyone with lawn tickets got to sit in seats, and there were even extra spots left. It was a little sad to see that this little amount of people showed up considering who was playing. I've been told that "Rock is Dead." After that night, I could believe it. 

Marilyn Manson played first, and I was expecting something big. Although his stage show was pretty elaborate, it just didn't seem like his heart was it it. He got on stage, and Justean said, "He got fat and old!" I didn't really think he was fat, but he definitely slowed down.  Overall, he was good, but lacking spark. 
Here's a crappy video I filmed of The Beautiful People.

While waiting for Rob Zombie to come on, Justean and I decided to goof off with my voodoo doll bag, Sid. That's my voice in the background impersonating Dr. Rockso from Metalocalypse.

The set for Zombie's Show started to rise. He had a lot of robotic and classic Horror monster-themed items in his stage show. He actually stepped out of a giant robot at the beginning. Throughout the show, he had a giant robot and a Giant Jack-O-Lantern dancing around on stage. His set must have cost loads of money. In the background, he had huge projection screens that played scenes from The Munsters, Dracula, and a some kind of scary anime porn. The show was definitely worth the money. The whole band had a lot of heart in Atlanta. 
Part of the set for Rob Zombie
Here's a video from his Chicago show that shows the giant dancing robot.

There was so much audience involvement during Zombie's performance. The band had the audience chant "rock" and "motherfucker" over and over. Rob yelled for us to stand in our seats. Someone in the audience even gave Rob a Jack-O-Lantern shirt, which he wore for the rest of the show. You can tell the band really loves their fans, and they're passionate about their music.
Ah Yeahhh

The show was like one huge Halloween party, and it gave me even more Halloween spirit (if that was even possible). For anyone who isn't sure about going, I definitely recommend it.

Keep it creepy, Y'all.


  1. Hmm...A friend of mine went to see the same show in Little Rock a week or so ago. He had seen Manson before and felt like this had been a better performance. He enjoyed Rob Zombie as well.

    1. Well this was my first time seeing Manson, and I had pretty high expectations (considering he's known for shocking stage shows). That was probably the problem.