Saturday, October 27, 2012

Carved Pumpkins

One of my favorite Halloween activities is carving pumpkins. The most fun part about it, in my opinion, is digging out the stringy pumpkin goop! It took forever to cut off the top, but I finally scraped out the a lot of guts and meat, which I will use to make roasted Cajun pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie pretty soon. 

Pumpkin Guts!
 I decided to be festive in my Jack-O-Lantern shirt while I labored away. I decided on carving a bird into my pumpkin. My mother wanted to do a happy Buddha.
In mah Pumpkin shirt. I'm looking like a mess here...just got over a bad cold.

Happy Buddha
 I sat on my floor attempting to carve a raven on my pumpkin, but it didn't turn out as well as I planned. The pumpkin started to crack every time I put the knife in. The leg popped off, and so did a portion of the tail and beak. I almost gave up, but I stuck some toothpicks in there to hold it up instead.
My rachet-ass busted up raven
Regardless of my minor pumpkin failure, I had fun anyway. Once I get some free time, I'll be making some delicious treats from my spoils.

Keep it weird, Y'all, and Happy Halloween.

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