Friday, July 27, 2012

Ladies in Black Theme Post: Spirit

This Ladies in Black theme post is "inspired by a song."  I was having a little trouble at first, I have to admit. I was combing through some old files, and I remembered that I once wrote a little poem inspired by the song, "Spirit" by Bauhaus. I love the song, and I had it stuck in my head for ages until I came up with my own poem that has a similar rhythm to the song.

Now normally I don't share my writing online, but this is an exception. It was inspired sleep paralysis that I used to endure often. I find it to be great fuel for writing. Here you go. It's called 'My Silver Noose' It's not my best work, but I like it. I hope whoever reads this finds it enjoyable as well. 

My Silver Noose

Will tonight I be a puppet
Hanging from a thread
With dead eyes thrashing violently,
My vessel weighted lead?

Will you be with me,
Plain for me to see?
My dry eyes struck with terror
From a shadow over me.

You’re choking out the moon.

As you move closer,
Standing by my bed,
You sway slowly, peering down,
Leaning towards my head.

May I reach out and touch you,
Or breathe you in and swoon?
Will I cut these silver strings of mine
And hang you from the moon?

Beware my silver noose.


  1. Wow nice writing!

    You really do have a talent there, I'm normally not so much into poetry, but that's actually really cool! :D

    1. Really? That's great! Not many people read my poetry, so I'm glad to know somebody likes it.