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Fear Tag

I was tagged by Cherish over at Babybat's Blog. Thanks, Cherish!

  • Do this tag with the lights on. You may be facing your worst fears in this room...
  • Answer the questions!
  • Tag however many others as you want and link them in your post.
  • Tell the others you've tagged them on their blogs.
  • If you read their posts and notice you share the same fears, give them a virtual hug. :)
  1. Three things you're afraid of for a very good reason (in order).
  2. Three irrational fears of yours (in order).
  3. The medical term for one of your fears.
  4. Are you superstitious in any way?
  5. Are you easily startled?
  6. Do you have any common fears (heights, bugs, etc.)
  7. When you watch horror movies, are you better at dealing with suspense or gore?
  8. Are you afraid of ghosts?
  9. Are you afraid of any animals?
  10. What was your scariest nightmare about?
My Answers
  1. Swimming in the open ocean, feeling helpless, sleep paralysis
  2. Cockroaches, clowns, talking dolls
  3. Katsaridaphobia- fear of cockroaches
  4. I'm not too superstitious. I do "knock on wood" whenever I say things that might jinx me. ;)
  5. I wouldn't say I'm easily startled.
  6. I'm afraid or cockroaches, as listed above. I'm not afraid of other bugs, and I'm not afraid of the dark, heights, etc. 
  7. I can deal with the gore, but a good horror movie has suspense and is very psychological.
  8. I am not afraid of ghosts.
  9. I don't know of any animal I'm afraid of. I've held snakes and rodents of all kinds, but that doesn't mean I'm not cautious around animals that can hurt me. 
  10. The scariest nightmare was my last experience of sleep paralysis when a dark figure stood at the foot of my bed and then strangled me. I woke up struggling for breath. I was a little shaken up after that.
People I'm Tagging


  1. AH god you're afraid of roaches, too! *I knew I wasn't the only one. xD*

    Thanks for filling out the tag!

    1. I hate roaches. They're so bad this year. Sometimes I'll walk into my room at night and discover one on my wall or in my bathroom. At that point I have to call out for somebody else to kill it or flush it down the toilet. haha

  2. Ah! Virtual hug! I'm afraid of clowns and dolls too...

  3. Clowns will forever be creepy, I once went to a haunted house that had a room full of dancing clowns and it was the scariest part!

    Anyway, thanks for tagging me I will be doing this later.


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