Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today Was Asian Day

I went out with my brother, his girlfriend, and my mother out to the other side of Atlanta to go shopping at a couple of Asian markets and to eat some Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup). I had a great time, and now I'm absolutely exhausted. It's so quiet in my house, because everyone's gone off to take naps.

First off, we went to Hong Kong Market. It was very large and very crowded. It seemed really authentic. We got some lychees, dragonfruits, rambutans, and really good candies.
My mother's hand. This fruit is huge, and I forget the name.

Lychees :)


Durians...aka the stinky fruit.

Not sure what this was, but I liked how it looked.


Yummy looking rice cakes
Duck heads. I'm not sure what people use these for.
After that, we headed off to Pho Bac, a pho restaurant. The serving sizes were huge, and the prices were cheap too. I got my pho with brisket and skirt steak. It was good, but I liked my brother's beef stew pho better. I also ordered a Taro smoothie, which was delicious. After that, we were all so full.
spring rolls

My pho.

The taro shake looked more purple in person.
After we hobbled out to the car, we went over to H mart. H Mart was a lot more upscale than Hong Kong Market. It wasn't crowded, and it was cleaner, but it wasn't as authentic. They did, however, have a bit more than just food. They had a food court, a hair shop, and they also sold electronic toilets.
Ukrainian soda at an Asian

They had a really cool french bakery here. It was the same one that  my brother and his girlfriend saw in Saigon.
We were gone for about six hours total. My back is killing me, so I think I'm going to go take a nap like everyone else.


  1. It was Asian Day? Why don't I ever know these things before hand?? Well I supposed watching a few anime episodes could be considered as celebration? :3
    That looks like a lot of fun! I remember when we went to Vancouver we didn't have a lot of time to spend in their Chinatown but it was wonderful nonetheless :)

    1. It wasn't literally Asian day or anything. My brother and his girlfriend were really missing their trip to Southeast Asia, so we spent the day being nostalgic at the markets and pho restaurant. :) I'd love to go to Vancouver too.

    2. I almost decided to feel stupid for asking that, but considering a few weeks ago there was National Grilled Cheese day I don't feel so bad for considering the possibility of Asian Day XD

  2. The huge spiky fruit's name is 'Jackfruit' xD

    I lived in Asia for several years. :)(Hate the taste of Jackfruits and Durians though)

    And the other one (The green roundish soft fruit) is called Custard Apple.

    And rambutans...I LOVE THEM! :DD

    1. That's really Awesome! My brother's moving to Korea, so I'd like to go visit him. Plane tickets are so expensive though.

  3. I love lychees! Also, what is taro exactly? Is it good?

    1. Taro is a root vegetable like Potato. I really like it. the taro shake was great. :)