Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do You Believe in The Paranormal?

I decided to do my first poll on this blog. Do you believe in the paranormal? I'm curious to see my readers' answers, so please take the time to vote! The paranormal is a very vague term. It can range from anything to ghosts, vampires, or Sasquatch (Bigfoot). It you check either of the yeses, this does not mean you have to believe in ALL entities relating to the paranormal (you don't have to believe in Bigfoot).
So here are your options:

  • Yes, I think it's possible.
  • Yes! I've experienced it!
  • No I do not.
  • I'm not sure...
Go forth and cast thy vote!

If you read this blog, you probably already know that I do indeed believe in the paranormal. I've had multiple experiences, some more blatant than others, that I do consider to be paranormal. Before I had one specific encounter, I was unsure, but I thought the idea of there being spirits and what not was romantic. Here is a post I did in the past about my experiences with the paranormal (Before I decided to be a paranormal investigator). 

Oh, and to clarify, I only started paranormal investigating about a year ago. I'm only eighteen, so I have limited experience. When I say I'm a paranormal investigator, I by no means consider myself an expert. I'm still listed as a trainee on my group's website. ><


  1. I do believe in the paranormal :) I have had a few things happen to me in my time...

    1. You should post about it (if you haven't already). Thanks for following, btw. :)