Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mini Thrift Haul

At first glance, I thought this would be a full sweater, but I'm just as happy with this. I really like the intricate patterns, and it's also very soft.
 I saw this wool coat, and I thought I needed it for Winter. I know it's a long time from now, but I can wait.
 The embroidery is what really had me sold. Only $5 too, so it was a steal.
 I wasn't too sure about this top at first. I'm careful about wearing crushed velvet, since it can look costume-y if not done right. It actually fits me nicely, and it has a corseted detailing up the front until just under the bust.
 Here's a closer look.
Happy thrifting!


  1. Those are some very nice pieces!

    I went to a thai restaurant the other day and my mum got a fortune saying something about how shopping can raise someone's spirits -- imagine that!

    1. It can. Some people have an addiction because of that though. haha