Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Back from Florida!

I just got back from my Florida trip with my boyfriend, so I thought I'd post some photos and experiences from my vacation. It was a six hour drive from where I live (metro Atlanta) to get to Seagrove Beach, but well worth the trip. I definitely needed a vacation, so now I'll be back to blogging regularly.

The whole area where we stayed, especially Watercolor, was just so surreal. There were pastel beach houses everywhere situated perfectly by the beach. The area was so clean. It was like a movie set. Watercolor was the area where The Truman Show with Jim Carrey was filmed, by the way. They chose a great spot.
Because Cats and Dogs are people too.

In Seagrove and Watercolor, most of the businesses are local. We ate like royalty while we were there at the local restaurants. This included The Market Cafe, Bruno's Pizza, Barefoot Barbecue, The Red Bar, The Donut Hole, and Heavenly's Gelatto shop.
My meal from Barefoot BBQ
The food was great, and everything was so fresh. The Donut Hole ran out of Key Lime Pie filled donuts by the time we got there for the breakfast rush, so I was a little disappointed. Those are my favorite, but all of their donuts are excellent. The really cool looking waitress there, who has dark pinkish hair, remembered Joe and I from our last trip six months ago. I was really surprised since there are so many people that go there. Last time, she said we didn't look like the normal tourists, so I suppose that's why we were remembered. Anyhow, it made me happy. I also loved having my frozen chocotate-dipped key lime pie on a stick from Heavenly's again. The atmosphere of the whole area was just great.

One day, we went to Sun Dog Books and Central Square records. That was pretty nice. I didn't find a whole lot at the record shop since most of the music was indie pop or indie rock, but they did have a decent selection of punk with more Riot Grrl  albums than I've seen anywhere else. I was also thrilled at the fact that they sold book T-Shirts like a Lolita by Nabokov one.

My trip was also highlited with my quest for the final Vampire Kisses Novel, Immortal Hearts. I'm not a fan of teen novels, but I've been reading this since I was about twelve or thirteen. Raven, the main character, was a gothspiration of mine before I knew anything about the subculture, so it is dear to my heart. My GPS doesn't work well all the time, so it lead us all over the place to find the Barnes and Noble. There was none in Panama City like the thing said. We then went all the way to Pier Park where somebody told us one was, but we couldn't find that either. We gave up, and went the next day to Destin to a Books-A-Million where I finally found it.
I hope this book is worth all the trouble getting it.
I also found it funny that Joe needed to get a New York Times everyday so he could stay in the loop. Apparently, he's addicted to the news, which explains why he knows everything as it's happening. It's almost like he has ESP for the news. The nearest Starbucks had free newspapers anyway. The store also has a koi pond which is frequented by the local stray cat.
The Starbucks' Koi pond

A cool article I found about rockabilly and pinup style becoming popular.
Our last day, we spent walking on the beach a lot I got some pretty good footage of seagulls. Joe also got nipped by a Great Dane. Most Great Danes are extremely social dogs, but this one was the exception. It could've done some serious damage it if wanted, so we're lucky it only left a few marks.
Joe fumbling with the newspapers at the Beach.
Here's some footage of me bothering the seagulls:

Now my stomach's grumbling, so I'm going to go have some leftovers from the trip. :)