Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Haunting: Local Case

Some of you may be familiar with the television show, "A Haunting." If you aren't it's a paranormal series that incorporates interviews and re-enactments to tell a story about hauntings, possessions, and other phenomena. I've been watching this show for years, and it's always entertained me. It is often cheesy and over dramatic, but that's just a part of the show's charm.

More recently, [my paranormal investigating group] gained a Father. He's an Orthodox priest, and his name is [Father Darren]. (See what I did there?) Father Darren, who's also known as Father Benedict, is experienced in the paranormal field. He's also an exorcist. He's there for us when the group or client might be suspicious of a haunting of darker nature. What does this have to do with "A Haunting," you ask? Well, Father Darren was recently featured in Episode 9 Season 5 (alongside my fellow ghost tour guide Michelle).  In the episode, Father Darren worked with another local group, [RGPI], in a case surrounding a woman who believes she is possessed.

You can watch 10 minutes of the episode [here]. Keep in mind, these shows are low budget and cheesy.


  1. Oh my, I love that show. I actually like it for it's cheesiness. :) that is so cool that he was on there. and technically you know a famous person now. XD