Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Abandoned: Centralia, PA

On Highway 61 in Pennsylvania was a family-friendly mining borough. That was until the mine fire happened. In 1962, the town attempted to clean up a landfill by setting it on fire. That fire grew in the nearby coal mines, still burns to this very day. A lot of money was spent to help put out the fire, but nothing has been successful so far. Due to spontaneously opening sinkholes and dangerous carbon monoxide levels, Centralia was declared unsafe to live in. Today, Centralia is a Ghost town without even a postal code, and it is only home to a few. 
Centralia is a stop on many people's vacations. Some have a morbid fascination with this modern day ghost town, and many make the pilgrimage as a way of paying respect to the past. It was also the inspiration for Silent Hill. You can still visit Centralia by going along Route 61 and ignoring the detour signs, but do so at your own risk.

You can learn more about Centralia by visiting [this website].

The Orthodox Church which is still standing.


  1. How interesting! I remember hearing about a mine fire that was still burning a long time ago, but I didn't know where it was or how it got started. Your post and especially, the video really makes it all clear; the story of a modern-day ghost town.

    1. I'm glad this post was able to jog your memory. :)