Sunday, December 16, 2012

Styling My Short Hair

I just wanted to show everyone a few different ways I can style my hair. Many people think that short hair isn't as versatile as long hair. My cut, however, seems pretty versatile to me. I recommend this cut to anyone who's looking to going short.  

If you do decide on getting a similar cut, here's some styling ideas:

Of course, there's the lovely pompadour style. It's great for formal events, or when you want to add some sass to your day. I got this look by gelling the sides, and backcombing and curling back the top.

Mohawk-style! I really like wearing it like this. I wore it the next day after I had it in a pompadour. All you need to do is just comb it out a little, and use some gel and hairspray. 

This is my teased-up side sweep. It's similar to the pompadour style, but it's messier. I crimped some of the hair, and I brushed it over to the side.

 And Last but not least, it's a piecey pixie. I really love this style. It's the easiest to do. You literally just brush it forward. If you want to add a little volume, backcombing looks great with this as well. This is one that the family loves, so it's good to wear to holidays and family events.

Since I've cut my hair, people have been treating me differently. People have been treating me like more of an adult. I've been getting more respect, and I've gotten so many compliments (especially from men). I never expected any of this, but I certainly welcome it.


  1. Ah! All of those styles look so good!!

  2. This looks fantastic on you! And it's such a versatile haircut.

  3. I like how it looks elegant, casual and edgy! Looks very cool on you, and very very sexy :P