Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Update

Hello, Everyone. I see I have some new readers since last time I've posted. Thanks for taking the time to follow!

December's been pretty hectic so far. I'm finishing up with final exams actually. My last one is on Monday. It's such a relief to finally have my first semester over with. This whole semester has been pretty chaotic. I've been working so hard that I think I my [Mono] came back. I've also already gotten sick twice this semester with a head cold and a stomach virus. I really need to slow down on the work load, but I don't know how to say "no" to work.

After my last final, I have about a month off until the next semester starts, so I'll be sure to do plenty of the things I've been planning. That list includes pleasure reading, clothing mods/alterations, more sleep, time out with friends, and blogging. I've also got another paranormal investigation this Friday, and hopefully (fingers crossed), I'll be getting my hair cut. I haven't been able to get it just yet, because the only hairdresser I trust has been out sick.

In other news, today has been really great. I went out for [Pho] after my Astronomy final, and I had work afterwards. One of my coworkers at [The Writing Studio] used to be a punk way back when. He's really familiar with bands I love, including Bauhaus and Dead Can Dance. We talked a lot about music today, and he showed me his cemetery photography portfolio. He had some spectacular shots! Anyway, it looks like we'll be doing some CD swapping. :)

I'll be sure to have some more posts up as soon as I get a moment to spare!

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