Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday Dinner and Gifts

My family and I went out to my favorite restaurant for my birthday dinner. It's called Gumbeaux's, and it's the best Cajun place that I know of. I wanted to try frog legs, so we ordered it as an appetizer. I picked one up, and bit into it. It tasted a lot like chicken, but you could taste the lake water in some bites. When I bit into Frogger's thigh, swamp juice shot out at me. It was odd, but something I wanted to try once. I ordered my usual Jambalaya for my main meal. It was delicious as usual. I even got free bread pudding for dessert! When it came out, the waitress and customers sang "Happy Birthday" to me.
froggy legs

The best Jambalaya I've ever had.

My lovely Grandma!

 After we got back, I opened my presents.

Finally! Skeleton-hand Hairclips.

My Mom said the necklace was sacrilegious. Nuh uh, lady!

Lightbulb earings!
Sassy bag

Psyched for Dead Poets

I love this movie. It's the best bildungsroman...props to you if you know what that is.

The best card 

My main man, Colbert

I love my ghosty stuff.

Take the wrapper off first? No way, I'm cutting out the middle man!
I also got an itunes gift card, so I can finally buy many of the songs I want. Chameleons, I'm coming for you! And you're just one click away, Feeding Fingers! Clan of Xymox, you're mine!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes by the way! You guys are the shit. ;)


  1. Ew frog legs! Ew ew! You're braver than I! And not vegetarian...Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and a great year! Your face is really cute in the picture with Dead Poets by the way. :D

    1. haha Unfortunately for vegetarians, Cajun food doesn't offer many options. Everything that moves ends up on your plate in this cuisine. Thank you very much, my dear! I don't try to be cute, but it occasionally happens that way. ;)

  2. Frog legs are delicious. Glad someone tried them. I am envious of your necklace and hair clips. how is the necklace sacrilegious?

    1. I think she said that because it has a cross on it, and I don't believe in organized religion. That doesn't mean that I can't appreciate religious imagery though.

  3. Happy belated birthday!!
    You've got so many cute accessories, I love the lightbulb earrings. I've been meaning to buy america again but haven't gotten around to it. Stephen Colbert cracks me up!

    1. Thanks!Every time I need a good laugh, Colbert Report is my go-to show. Colbert for president 2016!