Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Corner Shop

     Located In the Heart of Marietta (metro Atlanta) is a little shop close to my heart, The Corner Shop. Around a Few years ago, I spotted little Union Jack flags outside the store, and I wanted to enter. Upon entry, I was greeted by a sweet lady named Tina, and I began to browse through British goods that were once unavailable in my area. Even though sometimes I do not purchase anything, Tina always offers a warm hug and a friendly chat. I have been visiting the store ever since.

   I recall one of my first visits to the store when monsoon-like weather roared through the square. Completely unprepared, my brother and I rushed into The Corner Shop to seek shelter. We were greeted by Tina, who offered us tea and Jammy Dodgers. That day was one of the more memorable days I have had. Because of that experience, I will always carry a fondness for Jammy Dodgers and afternoon tea while rain pours in the background. This just goes to show that The Corner shop offers a little something for everyone.
    The corner shop stocks a variety of goods. There are many types of candies including Yorkie Bars, sugar Mice, Wine Gums, and countless others. More traditional English food, which I have yet to try much, includes blood sausage, haddock, black pudding, and Sheppard's Pie. The store is not only stocked with British food, but also with tea, kettles, Will and Kate merchandise,Celtic jewelry, and many other interesting items. Everything is priced reasonably, which is perfect for curious customers without much cash. 
     If you live in the greater Atlanta area, I highly recommend visiting The Corner Shop. It is located in my favorite town in suburbia, Historic Marietta Square. You won't regret it.  Here is the website:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Kitty Cat

   This short post is all about my cat, Abby. I have many adorable and rather hilarious names for her (like puffin muffin, fluff butt, scuttlebutt, kitty bat, pumpkin, etc.) I make new pet names for her nearly everyday. That cat is the only one I have, and I spoil her too much. Abby and I are so analogous, we seem to share DNA. We have the similar eating habits, and we even have the same facial expressions. I never realized Abby and I were so similar until my boyfriend started to tell me. She has all the common preferences of a cat. For example, she always craves canned tuna, and she spends her time napping in boxes. I also enjoy canned tuna, but I have the dilemma of not being able to fit in small boxes. :/ She also has some unusual habits. She begs like my dogs. She also HATES being outdoors. The most ridiculous of her traits is that she is the most uncoordinated cat I have ever seen. She falls off of high surfaces frequently, not always landing on her feet. Overall, she is a peculiar and comical cat whom I love dearly. I don't know what I would ever do without her.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Gothic Box

     I started to feel really bored and also quite restless earlier today, so I decided to drop by the mall to check out FYE (the music store). It turns out, the store is going out of business. The only music store near me that actually stocks some decent music! Well, fortunately for me, I got something good out of the whole deal. Everything in the store was 50%-70% off. After browsing, I happened upon something called "The Gothic Box." I had been wanting this thing since before Christmas, but I haven't been able to afford it. It's a CD box-set with three goth rock compilation CDs and a music video DVD. It also included a manuscript with commentary from various band members and a guide to "How to Dance Gothic" and "For Running a Proper Goth Night" with pictures throughout. I was absolutely ecstatic to find out that this $65 set cost me only $20! This made me a very happy kitty. Check out the pics:

And also, my best friend decided to give me a pair of converse boots that didn't fit her. I decided to paint some Nightmare Before Christmas style bats on the toes. Here they are:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Amusing Comments I've Gotten

     I wanted to talk about some selected funny, interesting, and rude comments I've gotten on who I am and my chosen appearance thus far. Luckily for me, people where I live usually leave me be...for the most part.
     "Do you get all your clothes from Hot Topic?"
This comment was from a classmate of mine. I'm not sure why he asked.  I told him that I only have a few items from the store, and that I mostly shop at Goodwill or other various places. He seemed shocked to hear it.
     "You must have had a screwed up childhood to turn out the way you are."
A friend of a friend, who I hardly knew, asked me why I dress the way I do. I thought it was a comment of genuine curiosity, so I answered with politeness. She then proceeded to tell me about her childhood, and about how she's glad she turned out okay. Then she had to make the comment...sigh. It was really disheartening. I  felt angry and shocked, but my other friends took my side. It turns out, nobody likes the girl anyway.
    "You're like the least goth Goth person I have ever met."
Apparently my dark sense of humor or the fact that I actually smile isn't "Goth."
This was my face after some of these comments. (my cat, Abby)
     "Are you depressed?"
Cause, you know, that's totally the question to ask a stranger. I replied with, "Um...No. Why would you even ask me that?" She said I, "just look depressed." People never cease to amaze me.
     "Yeah, I was a Goth once. I used to sneak out of the house, dye my hair purple, and listen to Guns and Roses. I don't think you're Goth...just a darker trendy."
This one still makes me hysterical with laughter, and I got this one a couple of years ago. I was blissfully unaware that Guns 'N Roses sang ballads of the tortured teenage soul...I guess they're just too DARK for me to comprehend.
Yeah...They're so Gawf! :B  (source)
     "You look like a stereotypical Goth girl."
I remember the day someone said this to me, because I was too shy about the subject of my preferred music, style, etc. When you are the elephant in the room, you would probably want to be left alone too. Although now it doesn't really bother me, the comment was meant to make me feel uncomfortable. A jealous and hateful girl who "used to be Goth" was intimidated by me for reasons too lengthy to discuss.
     "You can have Katie hook you up with some sweet goth boots."
I remember this one fondly. I put a lot of my heart into my clothing, and I love receiving compliments. This one really made me feel proud and appreciated. :)
     These are just a few of the comments that I have received. I didn't mention all of the compliments I have received along with the scrutiny. I also didn't include the various "You look like (Abby, Amy Lee, Morticia, etc.)" comments or the awkward smiles and strange looks. I take each comment with a grain of salt, because I like who am. I really do. These comments give me a good idea of how people perceive me. Even if I smiled until me mouth hurt or wore every color in the rainbow, I still would be scrutinized. I know who I am. A lot of people like me, but a lot of people judge me. It's the same for everyone on this planet. Just be happy with who you are even if it seems like many other people aren't.  Leave me a comment about any remarks you have received!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY: Victorian Collar

     I've always loved the structured look of Victorian collars. I also had some excess fabric laying around that I cut off the bottom of a skirt, so I saw an idea waiting to be made. The fabric is a stretchy black jean material with lace running along the hem.
Here's what it looked like before.
In just a few simple steps, I had my very own Victorian-esque collar.
 Step 1 & 2:
I cut the fabric to fit the length around my neck, and I trimmed off some of the bottom. I then folded under and pinned down the bottom of the fabric in order to sew.
Step 3:
After I sewed the bottom, I sewed on hooks and eyes to the back for easy fastening.
Step 4:
I chose to sew silver buttons along the front, but a cameo pendant or anything else decorative would work.

That's it! It's pretty simple, and it didn't take much time or money to make. Simple and cheap projects are my favorites. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

10 Songs No One Would Expect Me to Like

     Those of you who see me everyday know that I prefer to look like a funky creature of the night. For some reason, people assume that I am confined to a certain "role," so I've gotten comments or stares when I look or do anything "out of character." It's funny actually. I also happen to like a lot of music that is "Out of character."
Here are ten songs that I really like that no one would expect from me:

1.Talk by Coldplay. I actually used to be a Coldplay fanatic if you can believe it. I've been to two of their shows, and they have great stage presence. I still really like Coldplay. It seems to me that their songs are polarized. They have the cheery tunes, and then darker songs. I've always gone for the darker or more whimsical songs. I know, you're shocked.

2.Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I've always really liked this song. It brings back memories of when I used to listen to Queen in the car with my dad.
3.Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. I remember listening to this song in the 90's. I miss those days...
4.California Uber Alles by Dead Kennedys. My boyfriend listens to this band, and he introduced me to them. I like Dead Kennedys more and more every time I hear them, and this is just a fun song. Jello Biafra for President!
5.Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone. I first heard this song in middle school, and I loved it. I still know all the words.

6.Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies. My boyfriend introduced me to this one. The lyrics are just hilarious.
7.The Lovecats by The Cure. I just love cats...and this song is adorable.
8.Paranoid Android by Radiohead. I rather like Radiohead. My favorite album of theirs is "Hail to the Thief."
9.Caribbean Blue by Enya. I have loved Enya since I was a child. My mother used to play her in the car, and I would take the CD and run to my room to play it in my boom box. Those were the days.
10.Sabotage by Beastie Boys. I like Beastie Boys. They have good energy and funny lyrics. I remember listening to this song while on Rock-It roller Coaster at Universal Studios Orlando. I am an adrenaline junkie, and this is the perfect song for thrill rides. 
There you have it. Are you shocked? ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

DIY: Velvet Cinch Purse

I recently made a velvet cinch purse from some fabric scraps when I had a velvet dress taken in. It was good quality fabric, and I did not want it to go to waste. I only had a few panels of fabric to use. 
This is how I did it:

Step 1:
I cut a circle of 6.5 inch diameter with some room around the sides for the bottom of the purse.
Step 2:
I pinned and sewed each of the four panels together.
Step 3:
For the cinch, I placed red ribbon at the top of the panels. I folded the fabric over the ribbon where I could pin and sew so the ribbon was loose inside. Leave openings on both ends of the panels, and be careful not to sew the ribbon to the purse.
Step 4:
Pin the panels in a circle around the bottom of the purse. I hand sewed the bottom of the purse since it needs to be gathered a little bit.
Step 5:

Keep the purse still inside out, and sew the panels together to close the side of the purse.
Step 6 (optional):

I chose to sew some decorative lace around the opening of the purse. Also, you can make an insert (cut cardboard with fabric sewn on) to stick in the bottom of the purse.

This was a simple project I did when I was bored. Now I have a new purse! I'll be sure to post more DIYs soon.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ghostly Encounters

     I mentioned in a previous post that I have had a few ghostly encounters of my own. As promised, this post will be dedicated to my personal tales of my experiences with the paranormal. I will share four distinct instances that I consider to be paranormal. Brace yourselves, because I didn't really want to share these experiences since I don't want to give the impression that I am delusional. I am not delusional, I can assure you. I just happen to be blessed with some interesting accounts.
     When I was six years old, my mother would always tell me that I would talk, moan, sweat, and move around in my sleep. I used to get terrible nightmares for a six year old. I recall waking up in the middle of the night so I could vomit in the toilet. One morning, I woke up to get ready for school. My parents were standing over my bed with concerned looks. when they pulled the covers off of me, I looked down at my hands. My little six year old hands were covered in blood. I had no visible wounds. We checked everywhere. It was no nosebleed and there was no blood on other parts of me. My parents were baffled, and my mother's first thought was stigmata. To this day, we still have no earthly idea what happened.
     A decade later when I was sixteen, I had a second vivid experience. I remember watching World's Dumbest on the TV at my boyfriend's house. We were sitting on the couch at around dusk, so it was light enough to clearly see everything. Nobody was home at the time, but I felt like we were being watched. I looked to my left, and a 7 foot tall solid black male figure emerged from the a closed door to my boyfriend's basement. This figure was wearing hat, and there were no discernible facial features. This figure was literally pitch black.
It looked similar to this.
 It stood there for about five seconds, so I had time to nudge my boyfriend so he could see it. We both saw the thing until it shifted its weight and turned around to walk back where it came. There were no cast shadows this harsh, and the figure was not against a wall. It was an open floor plan, so it was clearly visible. I know without a doubt that what I saw was paranormal.
     Last year, I had another experience which may be paranormal but is very likely mundane. I was investigating a local cemetery with my first mentor, the lunatic that I mentioned in a past post. He ordered the "spirits" to make me feel something. I was on the verge of laughter, because he was so Zak Bagans-like. 5-10 minutes later I got extremely nauseous. Two seconds later, the feeling passed. Paranormal? Possibly. Indigestion from my dinner? More Likely.
    The same year, I woke up for school like any other morning. I remember seeing the red letters of my alarm clock read 6:00. I was a little bit early to rise, so I decided to roll back over. I was freezing that morning, and I really wanted my fluffy blanket. Unfortunately, the blanket was wedged between two covers all the way to my feet. There was no way I could reach it, so I decided to give up. That moment, I heard a whooshing noise. My fluffy blanket gently rose up from between my covers until it draped over my neck. People who are close to me know that I always sleep with a blanket over my neck. I didn't see or hear anybody in my room. My father was the only one home, and he was watching TV on the first floor of my house. I found this experience to be highly comforting.
     These are my ghostly encounters so far. I have told you the honest and whole truth. Please comment with any interesting encounters of your own.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year...

     With the new year, I find myself looking forward to many things. I will be starting a university soon, but I am also worried about how I will pay for it. This passed year, my life became a bit stagnant. I did so much studying, that I had barely any time to myself. This year will be different. I want to do plenty of thrifting, DIYing, cemetery picnicking, paranormal investigating, and concert-going. Now that I am 18, I am hoping to visit a club or two (no trashy dub-step playing clubs). :P I am a quiet and introverted person, but I'm thinking I might enjoy some clubs. I have simple hopes for this year, but for right now I'm still focusing on college applications and my quest for a job. The future is soon, but I don't want to wish away my present. Happy New Year, everyone!

P.S. I love this song. I used to sing this when I was in a choir.: