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Renaissance Festival Haul

Yesterday, I spent hours going through the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Although it was extremely hot (and I got a minor sunburn on my face), it was definitely worth it. If you are planning on going to one of these festivals, be prepared to spend money. The food and drinks are outrageously priced, and the vendors sell mostly handmade goods (which are also pricey understandably). I've never done a haul before, mostly because I'm too indecisive or cheap to buy too many things at once, so here's my first one from all that I got yesterday.

This tea is from Earth Elements. It was a little stand that sold not only hand blended tea, but also all sorts of other dried herbs and such. If you have any questions, you can email Earth Elements at .

I got this little jingly cat necklace at a larger stand at the festival. I saw it, and immediately knew I needed it. I'm a cat lover, and I'm always telling my boyfriend how it would be silly if I had a jingly bell to wear like my cat, Abby. Unfortunately, the chain broke, so I'll probably be going out to the craft store today to buy a new one. The place didn't have a name listed, nor did they have any business cards, so I can't include a link.
This next necklace, I had been wanting for a while. I love the eye of Horus/eye of Thoth symbol. Remember how I did a makeup tutorial for it? The pendant is double-sided, so It can symbolize Ra, the sun god, or Aah, the moon god, depending on which side it is worn. You can find it at
The last place I stopped by was the Global Scent Company store. I always visit this place when I go. They have lovely perfume oils and incense. Everything is handmade, and it is all freshly made too. They have all kinds of scents like All Hallows Eve, Black Widow, Moon, and Egyptian Musk (my personal favorite). First, I grabbed a handmade bamboo incense burner. The deal is that if you buy an incense burner, you can put as many sticks you can fit inside it free of charge! Here is their website if you want to check it out.

So here are the incense sticks I got:
I also bought some compressed incense cones for my silver incense burner.
25 incense cones for $5. Not bad. 
That was all I purchased. If you see anything you like, click on the links. There's nobody better to buy from than small businesses. Many states have renaissance festivals, so I highly recommend going to one. Now I'm off to brew some of that Seelie Fae tea and then perhaps have some lunch!


  1. Oooh~! I LOVE events and stores like those! Oh, I dream of going to such an event/store and having the money to afford some goods...Yes! Handmade things really are the best!

    1. Not everything there is so expensive. The things that I got were very reasonably priced. You should look up if there is a Renaissance Festival in your state.

  2. SWEET!!! LOVE ren faires. I can't wait to go this summer. :) I like that eye of Horace necklace.

  3. A Renaissance festival! *Is jealous* <--We have nothing good like that here. :(

    The incense is amazing, and I really like the eye of Horus. :)

    1. Renaissance festivals are exclusive to the US, sadly. It's a really great place to buy all sorts of alternative stuff.


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