Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Got The Dark Sunshine Award!

I checked the computer this afternoon, and in addition to getting a new follower today, I also got nominated by Cherish at Babybat's Blog for the Dark Sunshine Award. Thanks, Cherish!

Rules for the [Dark] Sunshine Award.
  • Post the award picture with a backlink to the person that nominated you
  • Answer the questions posed to you
  • Nominate ten or more bloggers


  1. Favourite colour: Black, Purple, Red, Green, and Blue. I like so many colors and shades, It's hard to choose a favorite. The colors I don't like are yellow and pink (with an exception to a couple shades of pink)
  2. Favourite animal: Owls, cats, and wolves.
  3. Favourite number: 13
  4. Favourite non alcoholic drink: Pumpkin Juice and Thai Tea
  5. Facebook or twitter: Neither.
  6. My passion: Writing, music, reading, painting, drawing, sewing/ DIY, going on adventures, traveling, animals, and my boyfriend. 
  7. Getting or giving presents: Both 
  8. Favourite pattern: Liturgical Brocade, and stripes 
  9. Favourite day of the week: Friday, because there's always something to do.
  10. Favourite flower:Purple orchids. 
Liturgical Brocade

Purple Orchid
My Nominations:
I know so many people have already been nominated, so I can only think of a few nominations right now:
I also nominate anybody else who hasn't done this yet. :)


  1. Another stripes lover~! And that other pattern is DIVINE. Never heard of it before!

    1. I once saw a corset online in the liturgical brocade pattern. I'd really love to have one like it.

  2. Glad to see you got my nomination, your blog is so lovely, I couldn't resist tagging you. :D

  3. Ahhhh thank you so much! This made my day :D

    1. No problem. I really like your blog!