Monday, November 7, 2011

Cleopatra Eyes

I was feeling especially like Cleopatra today, so I decided to go for that look. This was my first attempt at truly Egyptian inspired eyes. I’ve wanted to try this look for a while, but I finally got around to it.  I got some mixed reactions like “scary” and “spooky” … not really what I was aiming for, but I suppose it’s better than nothing. ;)
My materials

Step One: Primer! I use Urban Decay. The key to keeping a good look is a good primer. Even the best of eye shadows are useless without a good primer.

Step Two: I put light shimmery blue shadow all over my eyes up to my brows. Go darker towards the lid, then fade the color around the brows.
Step Two

Step Three: I added a darker blue to accentuate the lids, then I did a cat eye swooping motion to just the end of my eyebrow.
Step Three

Step Four: I added a bit of gold below my eyebrows and in inside corners of my eyes
Step Four

Step Five: Add a dark line of eyeliner. Act like you are doing a cat eye, but draw the line straight outwards instead of curled up. I used MAC felt tip liner, but kohl would work well and keep with history.
Step Five

Step Six: I modeled my right eye (your left) after the Eye of Horus. It’s easier to have a picture handy as a reference when drawing it on. This was the most difficult part for me.

Now even Cleopatra would be jealous…unless I screwed this up completely. 

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