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Alter Ego Photos

I mentioned in [this post] back in February that my best friend's father, who owns a photography business, wanted to shoot alter-ego photos of me. Alter Ego photography involves taking two photos of one person portraying different egos and then photo shopping them together. For my photos, I dawned my Jareth Costume and another more feminine outfit I wore to give a ghost tour.

I thought the photos turned out well. I even half-joked that I was going to have portrait-sized photos made to put over my mantel when I get a house of my own. I think it would be amusing to have guests over and see their reactions. The piece would be a conversation starter, that's for sure!

You remind me of the babe!

I move the stars for no one.


  1. I had no idea he was your alter ego. The photos are so much confusing!! But it's a great idea, I wonder who I would be if I'd had a chance to make such photos. :)

    1. He's not exactly my "alter-ego," but the costume makes for good photos! I dressed as Jareth for Halloween last year, and it's one of my best costumes yet.

  2. I wish Jareth was my alter ego... sadly, I think it's probably the little dude under the stepping stone.

    1. Haha! He's not a bad alter-ego to have. He could come in handy if you'r ever involved in a weirdest insults contest!

  3. Those are amazing - what a great job of photoshopping! :D


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