Monday, September 3, 2012

Dragon Con 2012

This year was my first time going to Dragon Con. Although it was exhausting, I had a great time. I definitely plan on going again next year.
Me and Justean

She's feeling zombified. Justean, I think you need medical attention.

Getting strangled by my demon friend. 

I had to. haha

I tried on two authentic steel boned corsets. I originally wanted the underbust (since they're versatile), but the overbust looks really good too.  I'd like to order one for birthday or Christmas. Which one do you guys like better on me?

I did a lot of shopping, but I didn't actually buy anything. :(  However, I did get some cool pictures.
The Goblin King!  

Dr. Rockzos (Metalocalypse)

I'm not sure who it's supposed to be, but I thought it was very interesting.

Guess What! I shook Nelsan Ellis' (Lafeyette from Trueblood's hand)! I love the show (I've only watched up to the 3rd season so far), and Lafayette is my favorite character. 

 While I was roaming around, I happened to see Voltaire and Rogue (Cruxshadows) just walking around. I also talked to a guy who gave me his band's EP, "If Only Boris Karloff Was My Dad" I listened to it, and it's really good! The Long Losts has a page on Facebook, so go check it out and hit the 'Like' button.


While I was there, I wanted to donate blood. So Justean begrudgingly did it with me. :D  We both donated a pint. Afterwards we got free t-shirts, free snacks, and a pin that says, "I fed a Vampyre Baby."
 Vamplets sponsored the blood drive. They also had a booth were they were selling their dolls. You can visit their website here.

After leaving, Justean and I got terribly lost on the way home before I figured out The GPS was still in the car...-facepalm- We picked up my friend Jessica and roasted hot dogs and s'mores over the fire pit in my backyard. This is one of my favorite activities (especially in the Fall). Well, that's that. ;)


  1. It sounds like you had alot of fun~ ;D I wish I lived closer to Dragon-con. Anyway, your outfit is very cute, I especially like your hairstyle. I think the overbust corset looks really nice.
    I can't donate blood because I'm anemic, but that pin is just so cute~

    1. Thank you! This is the first time donating my blood. The last time I went, my hemoglobin count was too low.

  2. Gah,that Jareth costume is too awesome.(Maybe I'm just too big a Labyrinth fan.)

    I hope I can someday make it over to Dragon Con. Looks like lots of fun.

    1. I'm a big Labyrinth fan too. I'm planning on going as Jareth for Halloween this year. ^^

    2. You look so pretty in both those corsets! I think I like the overbust one just a tad bit more. I love your outfit without the corset too!
    3. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, YOU FEED A VAMPYRE BABY! You're so brave...I have such needlephobia I get queasy just thinking about donating. It's a great thing to do though.

    1. Looking back at the pics, the overbust does seem to suit me better.
      Most people I know hate needles. They don't bother me for some reason. I even watched them put the needle into my skin...Maybe I'm just weird. haha

    2. Almost fainted when I read "watched them put the needle into my skin..." They creep me out!!You're not weird though! My friend has to get blood drawn all the time, and once she had a really inexperienced nurse do it who forgot to screw the IV bag onto the end of the needle, so the blood was siphoning out of her arm and squirting everywhere. The nurse freaked out and my friend laughed. :/

    3. Oh wow...That nurse was probably put on probation. I'm surprised, they get a lot of training.

  4. That underbust it's just amazing, good choice.
    If it is your first steel boned, go for the underbust, it's much more confortable, cause of the chest.

    I wish i had events like that here

  5. You have a beautiful face that was meant for a lovely dark tale!
    And how your hair treats and frames your face is enviable! Urgh! ;)
    I really hope to visit one of these cons that seem to happen frequently... I feel I am missing out on a neat experience.

    1. Thank you for the unique compliments! If you get the chance to go to a con, seize the opportunity. They're a lot of fun. :)