Friday, August 3, 2012

Garden Adventure

A couple of days ago, My friend Jessica and I decided to go out for a garden adventure at Smith-Gilbert Gardens. The day started out cloudy with thunderstorms looming in the distance. That did not deter us. Luckily, we weren't caught in the storm and we had the whole place to ourselves. Smith-Gilbert Gardens is a "Collector's garden" with "over 3,000 species of plants," and it is a "blend of art, history, and horticulture."   Our day was filled with exploring, blowing bubbles, and feeding koi fish. We definitely had a lot of fun, feeling like we were in some sort of magical fantasy land. 

One interesting thing they host on Tuesdays is something called "Moonlight Magic in The Garden" or "Twilight Tuesdays." We didn't get to attend this time, but I plan on it soon. Basically, on these nights, the garden hosts evening picnics, bird watching, bat watching, and moonlit garden tours. Sounds lovely, right? 

Brace yourself for all the pictures:
Some sort of medieval torture device?

Not as comfy as it seems

Those blobs under the water are koi fish. They were huge.

This is the tea house, where presumably tea time is held. 

I loved this metal sculpture in the middle of the pond.

A whole greenhouse filled with bonsai trees

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  1. That sculpture looks really amazing, I wonder what should it express ^^