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My Initial College Experience

Yesterday was actually my first day at Georgia State and my first day of college.

My first course in Honors English. My first professor for my English class walked in to the room. She had to make it a point to tell the students that she was indeed the professor and not just a graduate student. That's because she had cherry red hair with blunt bangs, and some scattered tattoos. I noticed a Flannery O'Conner quote on her syllabus, and a Nick Cave quote online, which both made me a bit happy. She's a pretty relaxed teacher, and she seems like an interesting person, so I look forward to her class.

My next class was math... I'm really not a fan of any sort of math. This is an intro class, so the materiel isn't difficult. The only problem is that my professor is from China I believe, and her accent is thick. This makes it so I have to really pay attention, which I guess isn't so bad.

Luckily, those were my only classes for the day. After that, I waited half an hour in line at the bookstore where I found out the college made a mistake in my profile. They said I don't qualify for a certain scholarship which I'd applied for and two people told me I already had. I was sent to someone to speak about the issue, when that person sent me to another person, and then they sent me to a third person where I had to wait in line another hour. After I finally got to see somebody, they didn't know why the computer said I didn't qualify for the scholarship...when I clearly did. This morning, I spoke with somebody on the phone. It should be fixed by tomorrow. Hopefully.

Yesterday, aside from my classes, was a nightmare.

Today was quite a bit better. My professors are good. I'm very excited about my Astronomy class in particular.

I was able to tour the area around the college a bit more at my own leisurely pace today. The atmosphere around the college is very cool. There are so many restaurants there I want to try. I especially want to try the pho restaurant and the korean taco place. There's even always seems to be a guy playing his saxaphone on the street. Today, there was a man handing out inspirational quotes. He handed me one from Winston Churchill. This is a pleasant change from yesterday when religious picketers were standing on the street corner, telling people they were going to burn in hell...

Well, That's Georgia State for you. :)


  1. It sounds like you've certainly had an...interesting...couple of days. At least there was some good mixed in with the bad! :) I hope you end up really loving the college. (I wish my English teacher was like yours) Make sure to leave us plenty of feedback! ^^

    1. College is great actually. It's much better so far than my first day. My English teacher and I talked about music after class as well. It turns out, she's a big Christian Death fan.

  2. I bet things will get easier as the school ball starts rolling. Sorry you had some bad experiences! :( My English teacher seems pretty cool too. He noticed my Stephen King book. XD

    1. Things are easier now that I fixed my scholarship issue. I get really frustrated when people can't do their jobs, but I know better for next time. Sounds like you lucked up with your lit teacher too! :)

  3. Dealing with financial aide people and getting scholarships lined out is such a pain in the butt and always makes me want to pull my hair out. I'm glad it got worked out and everything else went well. Good luck!


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