Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ripped Tights Are Controversial

Sure, ripped jeans are fine among most people (as long as you don't buy them pre-ripped), but Tights? Oh no, ripped tights are not acceptable among many.  Either you like ripped tights or you hate them, and there seems to be no middle. 

I live in a conservative area where women are supposed to throw their tights away as soon as it gets a run or a tear. Slashed and ripped tights is a somewhat recent trend, and many people have a lot to say. People will point out the run in your tights and frown as if you did something wrong. On the days when I choose to wear my ripped tights or slashed leggings, I get a lot more negative looks from people. Why is this? Well, there are many reasons:
  • People think it looks dirty and unkempt.
  • It is associated with a lack of money, which is obviously frowned upon in a capitalist society.
  • It is seen as blatant defiance of a social norm.
  • Many think it is trashy.
Here's a link to a Chictopia forum in which many women share their opinion on the trend. 

Also, here's another link to a rather funny article called, "You aren't Taylor Momsen, Take Off The Ripped Tights."

I think it's such a waste of money to throw away a pair of tights after they get one rip. Besides, ripped tights can add texture and character to an otherwise plain outfit. I never meant to insult anyone or rebel against the man with my torn hosiery. I could think of plenty of better ways to do that besides wearing something 'edgy'. Don't get upset about something as trivial as a rip in a lady's tights, people. There are plenty of other legitimate crises in the world (like the potential EU economical collapse) to sweat over. 

Keep worrying about the sorry state of my tights. I'll keep letting them rip.

I said my piece. Feel free as always to post a comment. In the meantime, I'll be finishing up Tale Of The Body Thief by Anne Rice. 


  1. The more rips the better! I love the look of torn up stocking. I even wore them today and surprisingly got a compliment on them.

  2. I love ripped tights! I don't really mind the looks or snarky comments from people ^^ They're aesthetically pleasing to me and they make me happy, so I continue to wear them :) I don't throw away tights until its physically impossible to wear them anymore XD

  3. 'Your tights have a few rips in them' comments annoy the life out of me, haha. I mean, I wear 3 layers of stockings/tights, and yet if one of those layers has a rip or run I'll get at least one retarded comment.

    And besides, what a waste! It's really hard getting a hold on certain patterened hosiery, such as striped, and I'm not throwing them away EVER, until they're physically impossible to wear anymore.

    People always have stupid comments, in my opinion, do what you want and ignore them. xD

  4. I agree with all of you. :) I don't think there's any reason for any random person to post an anti-ripped tights comment. Their argument is invalid. haha