Monday, June 18, 2012

A Day With Grandma

My Grandma on my mother's side took a bad fall months ago, and she's been recovering every since. Just recently, she had a knee surgery. Since she needs physical therapy and nurse's help, she's temporarily staying in a very nice rehab facility until she can go back home. Today, I went to visit her for a few hours and stayed for lunch, so I'd like to share some pictures.
I love my Grandma. :)

 I have a funny story about their lunch room. People sit in their own little cliques, just like highschool. When my grandma was new to the place, she had no idea about the seating arrangements. She decided to sit by one lady who was alone. Instead of sitting down, the lady told her she couldn't sit there. Everyday, that lady sits by herself. I guess High School never ends. After lunch, we went over to the lake.

This place is so beautiful. It has a lake filled with koi fish. I got to feed them bread, and I have a video of that below. Also, the geese there are not sociable at all! I went up to a group of them, and they hissed at me. Yes, geese hiss like cats.
Here's some photos of the grounds.
 After my visit, I went home and helped my brother cook my dad a belated Father's Day dinner.  That was my day. Maybe soon, I'll have some actual substance posts. In the meantime, I'll be working on those.

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