Saturday, February 25, 2012

Talking to Children about Ghosts

       If your child sees a ghost or wonders if ghosts are real, what would you tell him or her? Children are fragile and impressionable. You wouldn't want to scare them with your response, but you shouldn't ignore the question. Chances are, if a child is asking about the spirit world, then that child is curious for a reason. There are different situations for which the child may be asking. Depending on their age and your beliefs, there are varying appropriate responses.
For Young Children: (Toddlers)
  •      If your child has an "imaginary friend," this could likely be normal behavior. If you suspect there may be something more to it, ask the child subtle questions about their friend. Ask the age, what it looks like, what their friend wants, etc. Do not be alarmed in this situation. This will only worry your child. Be calm. If the child's behavior is worrying you, you could have the child visit a child psychologist. If the child experiences temperament change,  or if you witness a spirit of some sort, you should call a team of investigators or a priest, shaman, etc.
  •      If your toddler says they can see or talk to spirits, listen to what he or she has to say. It is not uncommon for a young child to have sensitivity to spirits. This is normal to them, and they have not been told yet that ghosts aren't real. Perhaps they will grow out of it. There is not much reason to worry unless you suspect the child is being negatively affected by this. If you know any sensitives, you could arrange for the child to speak to one for advice.
For Younger School Children:
  • If you are experiencing activity in your house, your child is most likely experiencing it too. If your child approaches you with a problem concerning a potential spirit in the house, assure them that things will be fine. Listen to what your child is saying. Talk to an experienced team of investigators if the activity is continuing to bother everyone. 
  • Be direct with your child, and answer any questions they may have. Do not feel uncomfortable telling them the truth, but do be calm.
For Older School Children:
  • By this age, your child has probably already established many of his or her own beliefs. If an older child claims they can talk to spirits, stay calm. The child is taking a big risk by opening up about this. Take interest in what your child is saying. Many children may be gifted, and it is not something to shun. If you have legitimate concerns that this may be a mental illness instead of sensitivity to spirits, seek help from a counselor.
  • If your child experiences paranormal activity in the home, do not ignore their comments. Look in to the situation. Do research and talk to the child about the history of the house and property. Express interest, and assure the child that you will do what is necessary to help.
     This is about all I can offer in the way of advice. I do hope that it helps someone in this situation. Children need attention and love. Do not make them feel ignored. Even if you may not believe in spirits yourself, still take into consideration what the child has to say. The Paranormal is a very old and broad aspect of many cultures that is real to many people. Do not be afraid to seek help from the church, mediums, and investigators; chances are, you are not alone. 

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